Ivy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) General Meeting Minutes

03.09.2016        Prescott campus


Council & Committee Chairs Present:

Anna, Leah, Beth, Jenny, Laura, JacQuelyn, Heidi. Caitlyn intermittently by phone.


Leadership Present: Robin, Liz


Welcoming remarks/introductions


Motion to approve Ivy PTA general meeting minutes 01.13.16

The general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasurer’s report

  • Expect invoices soon for Professional Development Funds and Parent Education nights (Ivy School will turn them into PTA).
  • Some teachers still need to use discretionary funds. Liz will talk to Cat about which teachers still need to use their funds. Teachers or Room Parents can access the reimbursement forms in the file boxes.
  • We are on track with 2016 budget


PTA Nominations for 2016-2017

  • Role descriptions can be found on Ivy School website (PTA page)
  • Voting to be held in June. Candidates include:
  •             President: Leah M.
  •            VP: OPEN
  •             Secretary: Laura S.
  •             Treasurer: Caitlyn H.
  •             Fundraising: OPEN
  •             Spirit: OPEN
  •             Room parent coordinator: OPEN
  •             Outdoors committee: OPEN


Nominations Committee: Leah can post on the FB page and newsletter; Beth can post on the Google Group about it; best way to communicate is word-of-mouth.


Committee Reports


Room Parents


Room parents meet tomorrow night (3/10). If anyone has ideas, please let Anna know. Room parents will focus attention on Art Week, Auction, Teacher Appreciation week.


Hello Flo to roll out in mid-May (an initiative of Anna and some other parents, not actually a Room Parent initiative) – will go along with Female Empowerment Workshop x 3 days for Middle Schoolers. There is budgeted $ for this.


Fundraising Committee


No news.


Spirit Committee

  • Shifting around the Spirit funds a bit.
  • Bumper stickers – Motion for PTA to pay for bumper stickers and similar paraphernalia up to $500. Ivy School to deal with graphic design (Zoe Anderson, mom) – looking at the Ivy School logo to see about possibly updating. May incorporate an annual fund logo on bumper sticker. And possibly a poster. Plan to roll these out around Tax Day.
  • Movie night – coming up Friday night. Middle schoolers will help w/ concessions. Need more volunteers- Heidi will send out request for volunteers on Google Group. Robyn will be making pizza. Heidi will find out from Cat if the Spirit Budget can pay for the pizza and drinks. $500 budgeted ($128 for movie rights).


Outdoors Committee  (carry over from January)

  • Spring work party – this Friday, March 11
  • Neighborhood clean up – not going to coordinate this this year
  • Hoping to get Prescott kids into the gardens more this spring
  • Ball Drive last month:  had some donations but not a lot.       Used $ out of budget to purchase sports equipment, mesh bags.
  • Arts week:  collaborating with Amy to reclaim bus stop on 42nd Ave—plan to beautify with plants, art


Monthly teacher lunches

New seasons lunch for this month has been ordered. Beth will order for the rest of the year if that works for Liz/staff. Laura will arrange for volunteers to deliver the food. Another thought: Are there any Ivy parents who do catering? That might benefit the parents’ business and Ivy. Leah will ask a mom who has a Thai food cart. Heidi will follow-up with Diego’s parents (Santo Domingo)


Leadership update

  • Radon results are in: 0.8 (unactionable)
  • ODE site visit yesterday. Working with a new performance framework, which is interesting. Very high standard- in a very specific, categoried leveled, scored way.
  • ODE Charter will hold parent focus groups
  • ODE looking at policies. 3 handbooks (student/parent, staff, board handbooks- some have policies, some have procedures. Some are outdated). New ones will be legalese and coordinated. Example: policy on bullying/harassment/teen dating violence, procedure for complaints of bullying/cyberbullying/harassment/teen dating violence; equal education opportunity. Community Roots school has an online search tool for P&P.
  • Facility search is ongoing! We have a broker who is doing a great job at looking at availabilities.
  • Discussed recent Oregonian article by Betsy Hammond.       Recommended response is: respond to Betsy Hammond or on comments and outline misconceptions. #truthaboutcharters. Coalition of Public Charter Schools website.
  • Another letter writing event in April. Laura will reach out to Chris about this.
  • Robyn: looking at locaitons for spring fundraising events. Focusing on: St John’s community center, Village Ballroom, or Alberta Abbey. Thinking of a small auction, grass-roots auction. Email Robyn as desired w/ feedback.


Tabled business

  • North Portland Children’s Day (May 21)
  • Clean up 2 PTA black boxes in the offices, mail slot, big PTA bin at Prescott
  • Morris break room program


Next Meeting

Next General PTA meeting will be April 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Morris campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM.