Ivy PTA Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Beth, Jenny, Leah. Caitlyn



March 09, 2016 minutes approved.


Oregon State PTA required documents have been sent.


Treasure Report

Review of budget: discussed budget – we are not varying significantly off budget


Robyn to be reimbursed for pizza at Movie Night.   Proceeds go directly to Ivy School (not PTA)



  • Purchasing Coffee (Water Ave) for teachers- $58.50 for the rest of this school year. Approximately $400 for the 2016-17 school year. Leah will purchase this coffee (for this and next school year). Leah will use Fred Meyer Scrip card for creamer for the remainder of this year.

Teacher Monthly Lunches

  • Thai Kitchen will provide catering this Friday for Teacher’s Lunch (paid for by PTA- Leah will give Thai Kitchen owner a check)
  • Plan for Hot Lips or Pizzicato pizza & salad for May. Will look into Santo Domingo Mexican restaurant for June.


  • General Meeting Agenda planning

Caitlyn will lead

Discuss Specifics about Anna’s project: Teacher/Staff Appreciation week plans)

Morris break room (Leah is contact)

Recruitment for PTA open positions. REALLY need Fundraising Chair (Chinook

Book, Read-n-Write-athon)

Jenny to ask Chairs if there is anything else they would like to discuss at the

General Meeting


  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation budget: no changes at this time.  Teacher Appreciation week will be 1st week of May


  • Plan for $1000 for Morris break room, out of Discretionary Budget


  • 1st week of May, we need to have a breakfast for 3rd grade testing day. $200 for the 3rd graders.  What did JacQueline do last year? Yogurts, bagels, beef jerky, gum? Perhaps get stress balls for them to play with during testing. Leah will look into this.



Adjourned at 2:50pm