Ivy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) General Meeting Minutes

04.13.2016        Morris Garden


Council & Committee Chairs Present:

JacQueline, Muriah, Jenny, Heidi, Anna


Parents: Tony (Jenny’s husband & Ivy parent)


Leadership Present: None (Ivy lottery is tonight at Prescott)


Welcoming remarks/introductions


Motion to approve Ivy PTA general meeting minutes 03.09.16

The general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasurer’s report

  • None. Will review at May PTA meeting.


General Agenda


Teacher/Staff Appreciation week plans (mostly per Anna- Room Parent Coordinator) May 9-13

  • There was a misunderstanding regarding ‘testing time’ snacks: PTA thought snacks were to be made available only for 3rd graders during testing times, but actually other grades (3rd & up) will need snacks. This increases the cost. There is currently $800 for snacks in the budget (for ‘testing’ snacks and regular snacks for the remainder of the school year). JacQueline will plan to give Anne O’Neal a portion of the $800 to use for ‘testing’ snacks.
  • Anna: all of the room parents will be coordinate within their own rooms to provide teachers w/ Teacher Appreciation Week gifts (i.e. parents will sign up to bring in coffee, flowers, breakfast items, etc.) Sign-up genius will be sent out. Parents will be paying for this out of pocket. We (PTA) may be able to supplement the breakfast treats- Caitlyn says we have $1,000.00 for this. For May 9-13.   Anna is looking into hiring a masseuse. Room parents will use some funds to fill a “bin” with coffees, teas, etc this week for future use by Staff. How about support staff? Motion to approve $20 gift card- approved. For 11 staff: Matt, Jillian, Liz, Amy, Anne, Kari, Tomas, Mary, Peter, Fernando, Paul.


Morris break room

  • $500-1000 allocated. Heidi has an idea for partitioning off Mary’s area (Willamette Room).   Heidi will talk w/ Morris staff about this idea.


Outdoors Committee

  • $439 left in Outdoors committee.


PTA Nominations for 2016-17 year

  • Muriah has 3 people in mind to chair Outdoors Committee (folks who previously showed interest). Muriah will get back to us after she asks them if they’d like to take this position on.
  • Anna will Chair the Spirit committee- she is looking for a Co-Chair. Darcy and Kelly gave strong “probably’s”- Anna will let us know their final answer. Anahelena- nominate for Fundraising?? Heidi will contact her and find out.
  • IN SUMMARY for PTA nominations, we have:

President: Leah M


Secretary: Laura S

Treasurer: Caitlyn H

Fundraising: OPEN (Anahelena?)

Spirit: Anna (+ CoChair- Darcy or Kelly?)

Room parent coordinator: OPEN

Outdoors Committee: OPEN (Muriah is going to contact 3 people)

(From last meeting: Leah will advertise openings on the FB page and newsletter; Jenny will post to Google Group)


Next Meeting

Next General PTA meeting will be Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Prescott campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:26pm.