Ivy PTA Council Meeting Minutes (Draft)

May 11, 2016

Council present: Beth, Leah, Jenny. Caitlyn out sick.


Approve April 6, 2016 council meeting minutes

The April 6, 2016 council meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Discussion of PTA Google folder/files

Make the Google folder/files read-only, password-protected for PTA Chairs & Council. Only PTA President to have editing capabilities at this time. Leah to contact Angela Fox and make this happen!


Treasurer inquiries/check-in

  • Water Ave coffee & creamer for teachers is taken care of (thanks Leah!)
  • Keep remaining Teacher Professional Development Funds as planned in the budget.
  • Approx $10,000 in bank (after Professional Development Funds reimbursed)


Teacher Monthly Lunches (2nd Friday)

  • $350/month allocated for monthly teacher lunches
  • Pizzicato for May
  • Thai or New Seasons for June
  • Coffee is set up.
  • Budget for next school year to include cream and snacks (in addition to coffee) for Teacher Break Rooms. Bottom line: allocate more $$ to this line in the budget in the fall.

Adjourned at 6:25pm

Next meeting Wednesday, June 8, 6pm at Morris campus (garden- weather permitting!)