Ivy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) General Meeting Minutes (Draft)

May 11, 2016


Council & Committee Chairs Present: Beth, Leah, Jenny, Heidi, Muriah

Others present: Joy, Maya, a dad

Leadership Present: Liz

Welcoming remarks


Members status: ~ 30 members

PTA nominations status

President: Leah M

VP: __?___

Secretary: Laura S

Treasurer: Caitlyn H

Fundraising: __?___

Spirit: Anna Doogan, Darcy Perry, Kelly Jeske

Room parent coordinator: Resa Gutierrez-Tufts & Christine Steele will

be co-coordinators

Outdoors Committee: Joy Rothschild, Julianne Baxter

Motion to approve April 13, 2016 general meeting minutes

The April 13, 2016 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.

Treasurer’s report 

Treasurer absent

Ivy Leadership update

  • Contact Robyn to ask about opportunities for Auction support.
  • Stephen Bartley- new I.T. guy (will be complying with Child Internet Protection Act [CIPA])
  • NEW Password-protected section for parents on the website (newsletters, calendar) . Click on ‘For Ivy Parents’ and password is: Broadway.
  • Risk Management Walk-through at Morris occurred.
  • Geercrest field trips went well
  • Policy work with OSBA (Oregon School Board Assn) is underway
  • Continue to look for a unified building for UE and LE campuses
  • Oregon Charter School Workgroup meets May 25th.

Committee Reports

            Room Parents

                        Hello Flo happening later this month

            Fundraising Committee

                        Discuss fundraising events timing; plan to do PTA fundraising early in the school year again

            Spirit Committee

                        Morris break room update (Anna, Leah, Heidi working on this) – shelves and a screen. Plan to do this over summer break right after school ends. $1000 budget.

Pajama day, May 20!

            Outdoors Committee

                        Will discuss with Caitlyn possibly allocating $300 for Outdoor Committee projects for August work party and early fall gardening (the 2016-2017 budget will not yet be approved)

New business


Next Meeting

Next General PTA meeting will be Wednesday, June 8 at 6:30 pm at the MORRIS campus in the GARDEN (weather permitting)


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30PM.