Elementary Program (1st-6th grades)

Montessori Lower and Upper Elementary Program

Elementary-age children are more social than younger children. Group activities and group norms become matters of great importance to children after age five. It is an ideal age to learn how to successfully work with others. By design, Montessori elementary uses the peer group to teach team contribution, fairness, respectful behavior and consideration for others.  Conflict resolution along with grace and courtesy are key components in our school.

The Elementary Program includes:

  • Developing strong social skills
  • Accommodation for the needs of individual learners
  • Development of concrete and abstract concepts using the Montessori Philosophy and materials
  • Spanish language study daily
  • Use of tactile materials
  • Academic work is integrated with Oregon State Standards
  • Freedom with boundaries- the child follows their own interests while learning from and alongside peers
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Field trips and community events
  • Grace and courtesy

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