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Statement from the Ivy Board | The Ivy School

Statement from the Ivy Board

The Ivy School Board stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, the victims of police brutality, and those mourning their loss, as well as others throughout the United States (and the world) who are organizing in protest of systemic racism and advocating for a more equal world. In response to this crisis, we support the organization in advancing the causes of equity and justice.

Creating a more compassionate, united and antiracist world begins in our own school community. As an inclusive and anti-racist organization, we will purposefully identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race and color. We also have the shared responsibility to do all we can in our conversations and actions to ensure every person in our community is valued, heard and safe.

One of our core beliefs is equity and providing a strong educational and social foundation for black and brown students in our community. The Ivy School Board steadfastly supports the teachers and parents of our community in the powerful work of educating our students about anti-racism, equity, and celebrating diversity. As we all learn and understand how the interactions in our school environment may evolve, we will give space and listen with an open heart, especially to our wonderfully diverse and growing population of students and families.

We acknowledge that we will always be in a state of “becoming” anti-racist because this work requires lifelong commitment and vigilance in our school and in every corner of the world. The Ivy School Board will promote and publicize appropriate resources and is open to hearing ideas on how we can, in partnership, create a lasting difference for real change.

The Board will participate and fully support the next steps with Ivy’s already on-going endeavor to actively end discrimination and racism. The time to stand alongside one another is now.

– The Ivy School Board