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Children’s House @ Ivy | The Ivy School

Children’s House @ Ivy

Montessori education is a continuum experience, with children ideally enrolling by age three.  Children choose their work from self correcting material kept on open shelves.  Overtime children develop the skill of working with high concentration, moving from undisciplined to self disciplined.


Entry for a developing 3- 4 year child into Children’s House @ Ivy  is dependent on several developmental milestones to ensure their success.  This criterion includes:


  • Child must be able to independently recognize their toileting needs
  • Child will have experienced successful toileting at home for two full months before starting enrollment
  • Child must demonstrate the ability  and will to remove their own wet clothes and attempt to redress themselves


  • Child must exhibit expressive language skills in their first language
    • Such as  self and family member words
    • Can speak a short sentence
  • Child must show receptive language skill and be able to:
    • Follow one step instruction


  • Child must exhibit impulse control appropriate to their age
  • Child displays ability  to separate from parent without undue stress after an adjustment period

The Children’s House @ Ivy is a full day program


  • Child functions well without a nap both at school and at home
  • Child shows independence in eating
  • Child maintains engagement in the classroom for the entire day after and adjustment period


The Children’s House @ Ivy Admission Process 

  1. Fill out the online application. Applications for enrollment are accepted on a first come first serve, space available basis.  Placement is carefully made by the enrollment team taking into account the child’s readiness, the child needs, classroom availability and the current demographics of each classroom.
  2. Once the application has been submitted, Ivy will contact you to schedule a tour and family interview. The main  focus of the interview/discussion  is to communicate key principles of Montessori, explore Ivy’s mission and vision and your goals for your child ultimately determining  whether Ivy will be a good fit for your family and your child.
  3. The enrollment committee  considers and evaluates prospective students using all information collected  and space available in the program.  The final  admissions decision involves an evaluation of the student’s ability to benefit from and thrive in the program.  If your family is accepted for admission, you will receive a letter of acceptance along with instructions to complete the application for enrollment. You will also receive an enrollment agreement.  The signed enrollment agreement and required deposit will reserve your child’s space.


Monthly Rate 5 days per week

Half Day Currently Unavailable
Full Day 8:15am -3:00pm $1000
Aftercare* 3:00-6pm TBD.

*6 aftercare spots available 

Application Fee



To secure enrollment, a deposit $1500 is required.  The $500 portion of the deposit is non-refundable and will be applied towards your first month’s tuition.  The $1000 portion is applied to last month’s tuition and is non-refundable.

*Deposit rates may differ for students on scholarships.

Material Fee

An annual $350 Material Fee is due at the time of the first month’s tuition payment for each enrolled child.

Sibling Discount

We do not offer a sibling discount