Crowdfund for Ivy

You can do it

We ask each and every one of you to commit to raising the funds necessary to make this opportunity a reality — and below we share one of the many easy and fun ways to do it.

A Give Lively Personal (Peer to Peer) Campaign that supports Ivy can get you from zero to major donations very quickly! All of the funds raised on your Give Lively automatically are deposited into the Capital Campaign Cash Drive.

Below are simple instructions on how to do this and exactly what to say to get your own Lively page up and running TODAY.

A couple of community members have set up their own crowdfunding campaigns, and raised nearly $4000 in one week. So, we know a Give Lively campaign can have a big impact.

Examples (please use Give Lively for your personal campaign):
First GoFundMe
Second GoFundMe

Ivy Give Lively Set-Up Instructions
1) Go to the official Give Lively campaign page.

2) On the right side (desktop) or just below the Apple Pay option, look for the button that says “FUNDRAISE FOR THIS”.

3) Follow the instructions to set up an account, make your profile and tell your story (see helpful text below).

4) The money you raise shows on your own campaign and personal profile, so you can work toward your personal goal. What you raise is added to the main Ivy campaign automatically.

Ivy Personal Give Lively Text Idea Template:
Below find a suggested text you can use to complete your personal Give Lively campaign page. Please edit to your heart’s content! Some may wish to make it brief and to the point while others may want to give lots of details and incentives. As far as incentives go, reference the above Ivy parent GoFundMe pages for ideas. What’s truly important is that you make it your own and reach out to your friends, family, neighbors, and community, on behalf of your children and ALL Ivy children, present and future!



I have exciting news and a somewhat urgent request.

I am humbly asking everyone I know to please buy myself and [my children or my child] the equivalent of a cup of coffee or scone today to help fund the purchase of the new Ivy Montessori School building at 5420 N. Interstate Avenue. 

That’s just [$3.50 per child = _total here_]

Why am I asking you for money, and in such a hurry?

Most of you know that (name of child/children) attends a public Montessori school called The Ivy School. You also know how important this school is to us.

[Take a moment to share HERE what you love about Ivy!]

But we need your help to grow — and the opportunity is NOW!

Ivy currently maintains two campuses that are 40 blocks apart in order to accommodate all our students. This breaks up our Montessori Learning Community and creates many logistical issues and stressful demands on families with children at both campuses. It also requires duplication of efforts and costs. Instead of having one front desk employee, we have two. Instead of one power bill, we pay two, etc. Lastly, our ability to expand our educational offerings is limited by space and by resources.

Given that, Ivy has been actively pursuing the day when we could all be under one roof…and that day has finally arrived. Our offer was accepted for an existing school building and we are in escrow, until only JULY 26 (our close date)!

Our new building will house all 1st through 8th grade students and has room to expand the upper and lower grades.

It will also have: A library! A gymnasium! An art room! A rooftop garden! And a full, industrial kitchen where we may be able to create our own school lunch program.

We can grow in so many ways. But of course, this move comes with a price tag:  $5,000,000.  And with rising prices in Portland, we don’t want to miss the tremendous opportunity to secure this property now.

Ivy does have equity in the building purchased ten years ago at 4212 NE Prescott Street. BUT we need to meet a very big fundraising goal of $500,000 — raised by our parent community — in the next 30 days.

This is no small feat, but here’s the thing — I KNOW we can do it!

That is why I am asking you for a scone for me and my child/each of my children. If each of you could see it in your hearts to buy name of child/children the equivalent of a sweet treat, an entire generation of children will be grateful.

Thank you so much for considering my request!


For friends and family who would like to give a little more for these lovely little humans’ education, please see our incentives below!

[add your own incentives here]

• Donations of $500 land you a place on our Founders Wall

• For family members, members of the community, or philanthropists who would like to make a large dollar donation, please see our Give A Classroom page. The new building will have a few rooms that where your name can be inscribed for the life of the new Ivy School!
•We need big, big donors, too — who do you know?  Or are you that person?!

Please, please share this with your network, and thank you so much!