Thank You Rosendin: New Lights for Multi Purpose Room!

Thanks to Ivy Parent, Mason Hodges (father of Caelum), and his big vision of a partnership with his employer, Rosendin Electric, we have new lighting in the multi purpose room!

Working alongside Rosendin Project Manager, Ryan Baez, Rosendin provided all of the labor while industry partners Solus and Crescent Electric provided the materials and light fixtures at no cost. This package was a donated gift over 15,000 in donated supplies and labor.

Here’s what some students have to say:

“It feels more cozy”
“Feels more peaceful”
“Feels more warm”
“They old lights were really icy and too bright”
“They new lights are dimmer, you can actually look up without killing your eyes and seeing shapes”
“They are great, they save energy. Maybe someday we will have solar powered lights!”

THANK YOU Rosendin, Crescent and Solus!

  • Ryan Baez – Rosendin Electric
  • Eric Wiessman – Rosendin Electric
  • Nick Amacher – Rosendin Electric
  • Mason Hodges – Ivy Parent Rosendin Electric
  • Vinnie Serio – Rosendin Electric
  • David Ruhl – Rosendin Electric
  • Jason Hoyt – Rosendin Electric
  • Courtney Hron – Rosendin Electric
  • Supplier – Crescent Electric Supply Company
  • Eric Nsipuruk – Solus (Manufacturer of Light Fixtures)
  • Karen Wiley – Crescent Electric
  • Doug Dickson – Crescent Electric