Ivy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Council Meeting Minutes (Special Session)

October 14, 2015


Council & Committee Chairs Present:


  • Beth Yohalem-Ilsley (Co-Pres)
  • Leah Maurer (Co-Pres)
  • Caitlyn Howell (Treasurer)
  • Jenny Bevacqua (Sec)
  • JaQueline Sanchez (Fundraising)
  • Laura Sciortino (Fundraising)


Ivy Leadership Present:

  • Liz Caravaca (Ivy Exec Director)
  • Stephen Bachara (candidate for Ivy School Development Coordinator)
  • Lisa Larpenteur (Treasurer for Ivy School Board)
  • Karie Byrne (Ivy Business Manager)


Welcoming remarks

Special session tonight to clarify collaborative efforts and boundaries between PTA and Ivy School Board, specifically in regards to fundraising.


Emphasis that PTA is separate from the School Board via Nat’l and State PTA By-Laws. PTA is mandated to pursue activities that provide Ivy community enhancement, not direct school support. We (PTA) may have philosophical objections to this mandate, however we are bound by Nat’l and State PTA By-laws.  The Ivy Board understands this.



School financial needs: The Board hopes for collaboration and coordination with PTA. The Board needs to raise $110,000 this calendar year to maintain Ivy’s viability (operations & facilities). They are hiring a development coordinator (parent Stephen B. is candidate) to help address these needs. This year’s fundraising target is 5% of the operating budget. In future, the school expects to raise at least 10% of operating budget from fundraising.


As stated in the welcoming remarks, the PTA cannot directly support basic school functions. The PTA would like to continue with the 3 (per year) main fundraising activities it has historically executed. The profits of these fundraisers will remain within the PTA budget for predetermined and budgeted PTA activities.


The group agreed that PTA and Board/School fundraising events should not be spaced too closely, and that excellent communication will be required. Liz clarified that the Ivy Admin team maintains the online and printed school calendar, and that events can be sent to the team’s own email (admin@theivyschool.com) to be included on the calendar. PTA members will coordinate fundraising activities around this, in communication with Admin.


Regarding upcoming Read-n-Write-athon, PTA will continue this fundraising activity as planned.
PTA Fundraising Committee (JacQueline & Laura) are eager for reinvigoration of the Capital Campaign.   PTA Fundraising Committee also asking about possibility of Board development coordinator creating a presentation for the Ivy community, outlining differences in what PTA vs. Board raises money for, and how charter schools differ (financially) from public schools.   Certainly, we need to remind/emphasize to Ivy community that receiving a tuition-free Montessori education for their child(ren) is exceptional and needs supported as much as possible to succeed long-term. Additionally, PTA Fundraising Committee suggests clarifying Board roles for the Ivy Community (i.e. outline Board responsibilities and their personal financial commitments to the school)—this may enlighten people and garner more support for their efforts.


PTA Treasurer (Caitlyn) re-confirms that the PTA will continue to raise money through our planned fundraisers and use this for predetermined and budgeted PTA activities only. PTA Treasurer re-confirmed that the Board will not be expecting monies from the PTA in direct support of the school. No objections from anyone in the room- all are clear (Board Treasurer Lisa; Liz, Exec Director; PTA Council, and PTA Fundraising Cmte members)


Brief discussion about the importance of the PTA in promoting a “community feel”. One parent expressed a sense of relief at Ivy having passed through turbulent times and now has a committed, full-time Exec Director.


Next Meeting

Next Council PTA meeting will be Nov 18, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Prescott campus. General meeting to follow.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.