Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2015


Council & Committee Chairs Present: Beth, Leah, Rebecca, Muriah, Heidi, Colleen, JacQueline, Erica,


Parents: Ara, Scarlett, Anhelanda (?), Shamus


Staff: Amy, Karie,


Board: Kari, Lisa


Student Rep: Sophia



Beth welcomed parents and everyone introduced themselves.


Approve March 4th general meeting minutes

The March 4th, 2015 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report 

Beth reported that the treasurer’s report is available and complete. It shows activity through the end of February and matches the ending balance on the February bank statement. The spring raffle will be the next income generator. She noted that the Outdoor grant and technology grant came in recently.


Legislative bills

Amy distributed copies of legislative bills and noted that SB819 is being voted on next week. She encouraged parents to contact their legislators to support both. SB819 would increase funding for charter schools significantly. It would give Ivy 95% of the total education dollar instead of the current approximately 58% that we get now. She also reviewed SB820 that would allow Ivy to weight the lottery to help typically under-represented students gain admission.


Committee Reports


Fundraising Committee – Spring Raffle

Leah reported that the spring raffle will kick off on Monday. She is finalizing prizes, ticket printing and other details. The raffle prizes will be drawn at Game Night. Leah needs help monitoring ticket sales if anyone is interested.

Outdoors Committee Report

Muriah reported that the play structure was installed over spring break. The school oversaw the unveiling of the play structure. A blurb is being developed for the newsletter about expectations and rules.


Muriah noted that there may be a small work party at Prescott this spring for spreading mulch and cleaning up the premises.


Spirit Committee

Heidi reported that Sprit week went really well. One idea for next year is to make it more student-directed. Money was raised for the Smart Program.


Heidi talked about the Ivy Community Service day that will take place on April 18th, which is Earth Day. Ivy will team up with SOLVE for a litter pick up/beautification project. Solve will provide gloves, litterbags, etc. Groups will head out into the 42nd Avenue business area for a litter cleanup. There will be a community picnic at Wilshire Park afterwards.


Erica noted that game night is on April 23rd from 5:30-7 pm at Prescott. It is a community-building event with the spring raffle prize drawing finale. There will be two food carts for dinner and games will be inside and out.


Council Nominations for 2015/2016

Leah reported that each year the General Membership elects council positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Nominating Committee presented a preliminary a list of names of interested parents and ideas. All our committee chairs have agreed to stay on next year but we are looking for parents to help fill out these committees.


Ara brought up the idea of having a different grade levels be in charge of fundraising (on a rotating basis) and asking Ivy parents to commit to a set number of volunteer hours. Ara and Kari will collect more information on this idea.


New PTA Calendar Items

Beth reviewed the list of items to be added to the next PTA calendar: International children’s day committee help, Field Day, Talent Show, breakfast for testing window in spring, May Day, and a PTA rep for school board meetings.


Art Tax

Leah gave a report on the status of the Art Tax.


New Business

Leadership Meeting Recap

Beth reported on meeting discussions items including: PTA mission statement, Morris outdoor classrooms, Morris community service programs, needs for room parents, where Tech money was used, etc.


She continued to report on Ivy’s fall start date. Karie reported that Ivy has more instructional hours than PPS over the school year. Beth reported that PPS has more school days than Ivy even though they are being paid the same. A parent explained that PPS added extra hours due to a political deal made between the PPS union and administration. Kari said that a camp would probably be hosted by Ivy.


Next Meeting

Next General meeting will be Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Prescott campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.