Ivy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) General Meeting Agenda

October 14, 2015


Council & Committee Chairs Present:

  • Beth Yohalem-Ilsley (Co-Pres)
  • Leah Maurer (Co-Pres)
  • Caitlyn Howell (Treasurer)
  • Jenny Bevacqua (Sec)
  • Heidi Owen (Spirit)
  • JaQueline Sanchez (Fundraising)
  • Laura Sciortino (Fundraising)


Leadership Present:

  • Liz Caravaca (Exec Director)
  • Lisa Larpenteur (Board Treasurer)
  • Karie Byrne (School leadership)
  • Colleen Roberts (Board Secretary)


Others from Ivy Community:


  • Chris (parent)
  • Unnamed parent
  • Stephen Bachara (parent)


Welcoming remarks


  • Pay your PTA dues if you haven’t already ($12/yr)


Motion to approve September 16, 2015 general meeting minutes

  • The September 16, 2015 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report

  • Caitlyn distributed a simplified proposed budget. PTA Council will review, working with the Admin Team on including their “wish list” items and with PTA committee chairs to refine the budget.
  • Some question about scholarships, which have been a line item in previous years but recently the school, via Karie, has been handling. Caitlyn will discuss w/ Ivy leadership team.
  • PTA budget must be voted on at our November meeting.
  • New procedure for this year: Council members will vote for use of discretionary funds (cap of $100) without approval from PTA membership for purposes of efficiency – if exceeds cap or there is disagreement within Council, then will bring to meeting for vote. This is to handle small-dollar requests from admin team, teachers, room parents, and parents.

Committee Reports

           Room Parents

  • All classrooms have 1-2 room parents. Steel, Fremont, UE8 & Middle school class have 1 and could use a 2nd.
  • Room parents coordinating classroom help for U.N. day

           Fundraising Committee

  • Chinook book fundraising doing poorly so far- only 1/3 of sales

           Spirit Committee

  • Good turnout at Oxbow Park. Attendees had a great time: ghost stories, bonfire, s’mores! Group camping site was amazing- plan for it a bit earlier next year (Sept instead of Oct).
  • Monster bowl fundraiser is coming up (@ Grand Central Bowling). $5 per person. Need more volunteers to help w/ ticket sales.


           Outdoors Committee

                        No report today.


Leadership update (courtesy of Liz)

  • Enrichment classes started later than intended this fall, but pleased that we have some (4… last fall had 0) Always looking for volunteers to lead these!
  • Hosted parent night w/ Sura Hart last week to discuss nonviolent communication in the classroom.
  • A day long staff inservice (professional development) held last Friday with Sura Hart to discuss nonviolent communication in the classroom.
  • Leadership is providing teacher support. 87 students and 10 staff per each leader (Anne, Amy, Liz), which is daunting. Liz sees her role to build program and retain teachers through: professional development, teacher support, getting word out to community about our charter Montessori. Ivy currently has no curriculum specialist, no significant admin support due to low funding, putting some strain on the main 3 staff in leadership positions.
  • Leadership team is doing work around systems/processes. Developing written procedures to help staff cross-cover for each other during absences, vacations, etc. Procedures are being created for front desk volunteers to follow the same processes at both campuses.
  • Facilitated team meetings are occurring; clear expectations set for staff.
  • Enrollment: there are openings in UE (4-6) due to this past year’s expansion. Website will reflect this soon.
  • Integration of a middle school classroom into the Prescott campus is going well.
  • We still do not qualify for Title 1 funding (30% of Ivy student population qualifies whereas Title 1 requires 40%)
  • Middle Schoolers recently went to PSU to discuss philosophy talk with graduate students
  • W.L. (Our Whole Lives) information night next week for Middle School families. Plan to launch program for students right after that. Lower el and upper el will be launched after the holidays.


New business

           Lice. (per Beth) Lice Knowing You. $1.50/head for a check= $393 for 262 kids. Majority vote against pursuing this.  Instead, will explore idea of creating lice kits (magnifying glass, nit comb) at next meeting (TABLED).

           Hello Flo. (per Anna) Hello Flo makes kits for girls with 1st menstration- making it celebration and empowerment. Feminine hygiene products, bracelets, “fun stuff” included in kit. $30 each so not fiscally appropriate. We will buy one and try to replicate. Will update at next meeting.

Consider approval of new mission statement- TABLED


Next Meeting

Next General PTA meeting will be Nov 18, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Prescott campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 PM.