Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2015

Council & Committee Chairs Present:

Beth, Leah, Rebecca, Muriah, Erica, Heidi, JacQueline, Becky


Roseanne, Stephen, Ara, Ana, Brian, Matt, Chris, Sue


Beth welcomed parents and everyone introduced themselves.


Approve January 7th general meeting minutes

The January 7, 2014 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report 

Beth reviewed the Treasure’s report and the PTA budget of school expenses including: $2,400 discretionary teacher fund, $2,000 scholarships, $5,000 school programs, $2,000 technology, $3,000 play structure Prescott, and $1,000 music – for a total of $15,400. There were no questions about the report.


Need for Newsletter Volunteer

Beth reported that Amy Smith, our current newsletter coordinator, is no longer able to do this task and we need to fill it asap. Leah will write a blurb for the newsletter and Google group.


Arts Tax

Leah reported that the arts tax letter was emailed a week ago and the hard copy was hand delivered. Leah has two reporters ready to move on whatever answer we get back from the City Council. Ivy parents need to keep in mind that we need to keep pressing on this issue. Leah reported that she has been in touch with parents at SW Charter School and an immediate action item is to attend the February 17th meeting at City Hall related to the arts tax. The meeting will be at City Hall at 5pm, 2nd floor in the love joy room. We can bring parents and students from both schools to represent and speak on our behalf as a consolidated front.


There was discussion about making this happen and linking the issue and meeting to a “going out” project. The Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) was given tax surplus money. It was suggested that Ivy work with RACC next year to seek funds. It was suggested Ivy apply for grants from RACC and begin a relationship between the two organizations.


Committee Reports

Fundraising- Spring Raffle

Leah reported that she now has volunteers for the spring fundraising raffle event and it will start in early April. Leah is working with Colleen of a list of needs to be sent out to our community. We hope for lots of volunteer parents to help with this event.

Outdoors Committee

Muriah reported that Ivy admin will sign the purchase order soon and we now a check to pay for the new play structure. Once these are ready to go then it will be 60 days for installation. We are looking at late April to have a weekend work party or just to have parent volunteer contractors install it. Once the structure is in place the PTA would like to have a grand opening. Muriah added to the report, that Ivy got a lot of seed packet donations from the Portland Nursery and the beds will be prepared soon.


Spirit Committee

Heidi reported 135 wristbands were sold for ice skating event and families had a great time. It was great having Ivy school name tags and many students wore Ivy shirts. It was a very good community building event that brought many families together.


Heidi asked for ideas about the upcoming service day in late April. The PTA would like to focus on a community-outreach community clean up/beautification project. The cost to the PTA would be gloves and bags. We would send families out with instructions and meet up afterwards at a park. Each campus would focus on neighborhoods that need help. It was suggested that we connect with Solve, the 42nd Street Association, or Friends of Trees on projects. They would provide supplies, promotion, communication and safety.


The next parent night out is scheduled for April and we need 8 parent volunteers to make the event happen. This topic was tabled.


Erica reported that they have outlined Spirit week (March 16-20) with different themes each day such as Ivy colors, mix match clothes, class colors day, crazy hair day, pajama day, etc. For class color day Erica volunteered to make flags/banners for each classroom that would tie into Field Day.


Erica brought up the idea of an all school camp out as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Morris outdoor camp. It was suggested she send out a survey to get interest.


Potential Field Day committee

Leah reported that we have a few parent volunteers and PTA is taking it over this year. We will be forming a committee for it and learn everything we can from Anne O’Neil who has run it the past few years.


Leah noted that she can’t do the coffee recap tomorrow and Ana volunteered to attend.


New business

Sue Rideout came as an Ivy admin representative to talk with parents about changes at Ivy. Leah suggested the PTA have a liaison at the Board meetings. Parents expressed frustration at the lack of communication and transparency from the Ivy administration. It was suggested that the PTA and Board send liaison to each meeting to improve communication. The was discussion about how parents can get issues addressed or answered. There was a lot of discussion.

Next Meeting

Next General meeting will be Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Prescott campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.