Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2014

 Council & Committee Chairs Present: Beth, Leah, Tanja, Rebecca, Becky, JacQueline, Amy, Heidi

Parents: Steven, Robert, Leah Cutler, Ann, Rob Coleman, Steven


Beth welcomed parents and everyone introduced themselves.

Approve November 5th general meeting minutes

The November 5, 2014 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report 

Tanja reviewed the 2014-2015 budget, which is attached. She reported that the council just met and finalized the draft budget to be presented tonight. Tonight’s General meeting discussion and vote will be to approve the budget and earmark areas for funds. She reviewed the draft budget. She reviewed the School Expenses section of the budget reminding parents that there is $5,000 already designated to the Ivy general fund, $4,000 designated for the Prescott play structure, as well as $2,000 to outdoor areas at each campus. There is $8,444 surplus to earmark at tonight’s meeting. It was agreed to vote at the end of the meeting to take other agenda items into consideration.


Arts Tax

Beth reviewed the art tax issue and reported that Ivy does not qualify to receive the $17,000 in funds that PPS-affiliated schools receive. Rob and Steven reported that after reviewing the bill, it appears the way the law is written PPS does not have the authority to give funds to State-charter schools. Ivy and Southwest charter schools are state-charter schools. Becky offered to contact people she knows at Southwest charter school. It was suggested we approach the City Council with the argument that we voted for the measure without the limitations disclosed. Rob offered to draft a letter and consult a group of Ivy volunteers. It was suggested to mobilize support and approach Chip Shields, Lew Frederick, Nick Fish, and anyone on the City Council.

Action items: 1. Rob will draft the letter, 2. An announcement will be made through the Google group and newsletter, 3. Parents can sign the letter and then move to City Council action, and 4. Leah will connect with the Southwest charter PTA. It was suggested that Ivy students create and art project around the issue or sign the letter.


Grant opportunities

Beth reported she has a contact for grant writing and wants to connect with the grant committee on a database of grant opportunities being created. Beth will send the link to this opportunity to Steven.


Fundraising Report

Jacqueline reported that we made over $10,000 on the Read a thon and it was a big success. There was discussion around the spring raffle fundraiser. Volunteers are needed. Beth suggested that JacQueline put her contact information on the Google group to bring in more help for the raffle fundraiser. The details of the raffle were reviewed and it was noted that there is a lot of record keeping for this fundraiser. It was agreed that at the January meeting we invite Colleen the room parent committee chair and brainstorm on how to bring in more volunteers. It was also suggested we create a Google doc for managing project tasks. It was agreed that if no one volunteers to help, then we will not hold this fundraiser.


Outdoors committee report

Becky reported that she has initial numbers on potential play structures and it looks like we need more money to install something that will work in the courtyard area and fall zone. Currently we have $4,000 earmarked for this purchase. Becky circulated images and quotes for structures that do not include the $500 installation fee. Some companies offer financing or Umpqua bank could be approached for a line of credit. Becky reported that parents have offered to match about $1,000 if the PTA will give more funds towards the play structure.


Spirit committee report

Heidi reported on parent’s night out on December 12. Parents will drop Ivy school students off for crafts and activities (childcare) while they go out on a date or shopping. It will not be for younger children. If we get more than 30 children, then we may need parent volunteers. Expenses should be covered by the suggested donation of $5 per child.


Heidi reported that the school-wide skate party will be on January 16 at Lloyd Center ice rink. We will presell tickets again and may need to pay some money upfront.


Budget presentation and voting

There is a surplus of $8,444 earmarked for vote at tonight’s general meeting. Suggestions of how to spend the money came from Ivy admin, teachers and parents. Suggested areas are technology, art supplies/program, music program, play structure and teacher funds that go to each classroom for discretionary spending. After discussion it was agreed to designate funds to the following areas:

  • $2,000 technology
  • $2,400 to classrooms for discretionary spending/art ($300 each classroom)
  • $1,000 music program
  • $3,000 play structure


Steven moved to approve the budget and the above spending plan; Heidi seconded. The vote was approved unanimously.


It was noted that funds would be given after review of proposals. Also, if the raffle fundraiser happens, then the PTA will have a more funds to spend and carry over to next year.


Next Meeting

Next General meeting will be Wednesday, January 7th, 2014 at 6:30 pm.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.