Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2015


Council & Committee Chairs Present: Beth, Leah, Rebecca, Muriah, Heidi, JacQueline, Erica, Colleen


Parents: Stephen, Ara, Cassandra, Shane, Scarlett, Matt, Joy, Kate, Josh


Staff: Laura, Amy, Anne, Rebecca, Betty, Sue, Karie


Board Chair: Kari


Student Rep: Sophia



Beth welcomed parents and everyone introduced themselves.


Approve February 4th general meeting minutes

The February 4th, 2015 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report 

Beth passed out and reviewed the Treasure’s report. She noted the PTA budget of school expenses including: $2,400 discretionary teacher fund, $2,000 scholarships, $5,000 school programs, $2,000 technology, $3,000 play structure Prescott, and $1,000 music – for a total of $15,400. Beth clarified that the $3000 for the play structure was an additional $3,000 totaling $7,000. There were no questions about the report.


Committee Reports


Fundraising Committee – Spring Raffle

Leah reported that the spring raffle will kick off on April 1st. She is getting ready to purchase prizes, ticket printing and other supplies. She is looking for volunteers to help process money and tickets at each campus each day. She also has other jobs such as helping get labels and envelopes ready. If parents are interested they can contact Leah at duhunna@gmail.com.

Outdoors Committee Report –

Muriah reported that the play structure has been purchased and it may be delivered as early as March 23rd. Depending on actual delivery date, and parent support, it will be installed as soon as possible. The school will oversee the unveiling of the play structure instead of the PTA. Muriah reviewed his history of getting the play structure.


Spirit Committee –

Heidi reported that Sprit week is coming up in a few weeks and to look in the newsletter for what each day will be. As part of Spirit week Erica is making banners for each classroom. There will be a penny drive to determine whose banner will be hung in the hallway.


Heidi talked about the Ivy Community Service day that will take place on April 18th, which is Earth Day. Ivy will team up with SOLVE for a litter pick up/beautification project. Solve will provide gloves, litterbags, etc. Groups will head out into the 42nd Avenue business area for a litter cleanup. There will be a community picnic at Wilshire Park afterwards.


Erica noted the all school camp out at Oxbow Park has been confirmed and will be on October 9 – 10th.


Council Nominations for 2015/2016

Rebecca reported that we will need to elect council positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We begin the process by forming a Nominating Committee who will gather names of interested parents and present the slate of names to the Council at the April meeting. Colleen volunteered.

Presentation/Q&A with Ivy Admin/board member

Beth introduced the leadership team/teachers (Laura, Amy, Anne, Rebecca, Betty, Sue, Karie) and Ivy’s board chair Kari. She announced that all parents’ questions from the Google thread have been given to Ivy admin. Beth reviewed tonight’s purpose, which is for parents to gain a better understanding of the leadership infrastructure and lines of communication. This is a special presentation by the PTA as an education night to help parents.


Kari began by sharing that the board shares the same concerns and questions that she saw on list of questions from parents. These are the very issues being worked on by the board. Kari continued that board meetings are open to parents and there is a public comment section. She reported that she meets with the leadership team about once a week and wants to hear more parent voices to make sure she has a balanced understanding of issues. The Board minutes are on the Ivy the website and the minutes are also filed in the Board notebook in the lobby of Prescott. Kariwax@theivyschool.com is her email and she welcomed parents to communicate with her if they have topics/questions for the board meeting. Rebecca noted that leadership team email addresses are being added to the newsletter. Parents suggested the email addresses be added to the website too.


Rebecca continued to describe new additions to the newsletter including a section of who to go to for different topics/issues. She encouraged parents to always feel free to contact to Ellen or Gillian to get directed to the right person. Parents who were present said that they all read the newsletter and agreed it was a good format of communication. Rebecca reported that parents are invited to coffee meetings once a month (first Friday) after drop off hosted by Ivy admin as an informal place to ask questions. Parents liked the idea of having one formal question answered in each newsletter. Rebecca underlined that Ivy admin has an open door and parents are welcome to come to them with questions. She noted that Beth and Leah will be meeting with the leadership team regularly.


Amy talked about improving communication systems for the middle school such as adding email addresses to the newsletter. She noted that at the Prescott campus parents are used to going to one lead teacher but at Morris children are being taught by multiple teachers who each have a specialty area.


Kari reported that the Board is looking at several different options to answer the needs of the Ivy leadership team. The board sees a need for an Executive Director and they are discussion what that position would look like. The Board also sees the need to elevate the Montessori curriculum within the school. Kari talked about the hiring process of these positions and noted that there will be Ivy community participation. Parents requested an update in the newsletter about the process of hiring executive staff. Parents asked for a section in the newsletter for the board to report on what is going on and for parents to get to know who our board members are. Parents requested a link to the Board agenda and meeting minutes. Parents suggested an Ivy 101 description be included in the newsletter explaining of what functions the admin team takes care of and what the board handles.


A parent asked if the Spanish curriculum would be continued and if so in what format? Rebecca responded that the Spanish piece is included in Ivy’s charter so it will be continued. She reported that the leadership team is looking at how to better integrate Spanish into the curriculum without it competing with the Montessori curriculum.


A parent asked what will middle school look like next year in terms of classroom space? Kari responded that the Board is working with the church (who owns the Morris building) to get more space in the building.


A parent asked if half-day Fridays will continue. Rebecca responded that Ivy will most likely continue them and they are working on the SY calendar.

Next Meeting

Next General meeting will be Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Morris campus.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.