Lottery FAQ’s

When and where is the lottery held?

The lottery is held in the spring of each year at our Prescott campus. Lottery results will be emailed within 10 business days of the lottery.

Who can apply to The Ivy School?

Children entering first through eighth grades can apply.  By State Charter law, we must serve students from the district in which we reside (Portland Public School District).  Students who reside out of the district will be placed on the waiting list after all in-district applicants have been placed from the lottery. Children applying for first grade need to be 6 years old by September 1st.

Is Ivy one of the choices in the Portland Public School (PPS) lottery?

No.  The Ivy School lottery is separate from the PPS lottery, so we are NOT one of your choices in that lottery.

How many spaces do you have each year?

Generally speaking, most spaces are available at the 1st grade level since that is the entry point for the Ivy School.  The specific number varies year to year depending on how many siblings of current students are entering the incoming 1st grade class.  Grades 2nd through 8th may or may not have openings, depending on matriculation of current students and sibling interest in enrolling.

What are my chances of getting a spot?

We will not know the number of applicants until the application deadline.   If there are more applicants than spaces available, state law requires Ivy to conduct a lottery.  When all grade level openings are filled, we will continue to draw names and put them in the order drawn on the Ivy wait list by grade level.  Keep in mind, not everyone that receives a space through the lottery chooses to enroll.  Should parents decline placement or move out of the area, the wait list will be activated.

If I filled out a lottery form last year and was wait listed, do I need to fill out another form for this year’s lottery?

Yes.  The waiting list does NOT carry over to the next school year.

If multiple siblings apply to The Ivy School for the upcoming school year, does that mean if one gets picked in the lottery, all the siblings get a spot?

Unfortunately, no.  Every grade has their own lottery.  So one of your children may get in, while another one is wait listed in the order they were drawn.

If my child is enrolled at Ivy, will his/her siblings get preference in the future?

Yes.  Siblings may apply the following year(s) without applying through the lottery (but please complete the form), as long as they have a sibling currently enrolled.  Siblings are only admitted when there is a space available in the grade they seek.  Should there not be an opening, the sibling will be put on the waiting list. Historically, Ivy has been able to place siblings at all grade levels. As Ivy grows, spaces will become more limited.