Application Process

Interested in Enrolling at The Ivy School for 2017-18?

The deadline for Lottery Applications was March 17th, but you can still apply for 2017-18 by completing  

The 2017-18 Post Lottery Wait List Application

Instructions for completing the application electronically:


1. download the 2017-18  Post Lottery Wait List Application
2. save the Post Lottery Wait List Application as “your child’s full name. 201718”
3. open the file from the saved location on your computer
4. complete the form
5. save the form again
6. return the form as an attachment to
You can also print this form and complete it by hand with a pen, and mail or deliver in person to either one of our campuses  (4212 NE Prescott or  26 NE Morris), or you can stop by one of our campuses for a paper form (4212 NE Prescott or  26 NE Morris).

Interested in Enrolling at The Ivy School for THIS YEAR?

You can submit a completed 2016-17_Post_Lottery_Wait_List_Form