Ivy Fundraiser Toolkit and Ideas

The Ivy School is buying a new campus for our school. We all need to support this effort financially by raising $500,000 before July 26. Together we can make this happen. We have hundreds of alumni that we are asking for help, and we have 225 families who can support one another in raising $2,500 each to more than reach our goal. Together we will be the founding families of The Ivy Montessori School on Interstate Avenue.

WHERE IS THIS MONEY GOING? This $500,000 is going towards the down payment on the 5 Million Dollar campus we will own on July 26 at 5420 N. Interstate Avenue.

HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET THERE? We’re going to get there together!

  • Download Donations Ledger for soliciting funds door to door.
  • Visit the Fundraising Materials Dropbox for downloads.
  • We’re having a Rummage Sale in a few weeks, location to be announced. See news section on home page for info.
  • We have a Give Lively fundraising campaign on the Ivy home page that you can post on social media and email to your contacts. For ease, go directly to the Give Lively hosted campaign.
  • You are encouraged to launch your own offshoot campaign through the Ivy Give Lively page so that you can share your Ivy Story with your contacts.
  • There are Email Templates available through for you to send to family and friends who may be able to support your children’s school.
  • There is an Online Auction coming up. Keep you eyes peeled on the website and your email for info.
  • Other fundraising ideas to raise $100: Collect 1000 cans. Ask your church or congregation to support you in donating $10 apiece. Have your children set up a lemonade stand or bake sale. This is grassroots fundraising.
  • You also will likely hear from your classroom Fundraising Activator. These Ivy parents have volunteered to help coach you through your donation and fundraising process.

WHY ARE WE BUYING THIS NOW? This is likely our only chance to secure Ivy’s future for decades to come. As real estate prices climb in Portland, we are in danger of being priced out of Portland’s real estate market, so the time to jump on this opportunity is now. The new school has a full industrial kitchen, a gymnasium, an amazing art room, a huge outdoor space, offices for staff, room for after school enrichment classes and room to build a Children’s House so that we can offer placement for ages 3, 4, 5 in the future.

Being together on one campus has been a dream for many years and means we can expand our curriculum and expand our Ivy Montessori Learning Community. Please reach out with any questions to Ana De Castro (anahelena.LMT@gmail.com) or Capital Campaign Co-Chair Spencer Crandall (spencer.crandall@theivyschool.org).

Thank you all! Together we can do this!