Ivy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) General Meeting Minutes

Nov 18, 2015


Council & Committee Chairs Present:

Leah, Beth, Caitlyn, Jenny, Laura, Muriah


Rebecca, Tonya

Leadership Present:

Robyn, Development Chair

Liz, Exec Director


Welcoming remarks

Motion to approve Oct 14, 2015 general meeting minutes

  • The Oct 14, 2015 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.

Treasure’s report 

  • Motion to approve 2015-16 PTA budget with the membership’s edits from tonight’s meeting. Planned budget income plus carryover from 2014-2015 school year: $32,432.29.  Planned budget expenses plus reserve for 2016-2017 school year $27,665.00. Planned budget surplus of $4,767.29. Budget approved.
  • Caitlyn reported we are in good standing and bank account is robust. Also, we met federal and state deadlines for tax and corporation filings.
  • Peninsula Oddfellows donation $24 (May 21 is next festival). Leah will write them a Thank You note.

Committee Reports

            Room Parents

  • Stocking coffee monthly for teachers
  • Monthly lunch for teachers ($293.17 for 11/20/15)
  • A Children’s Place bookstore fundraiser to be held Dec 3
  • Beginning to compile teacher wishlists
  • Exploring acknowledging teacher birthdays

            Fundraising Committee

  • Ivy swag à Ivy school is planning to order
  • Read-n-Write-athon progress: over 15,000 minutes so far! Children seem excited.
  • Writing workshop was well received in upper el & middle school.
  • Special day w/ Principal reading to students coming up in the next few weeks.
  • Chinook Book fundraiser a success, just a slow start (ended up raising more than last year)    

            Spirit Committee

  • Book swap update—participation just recently increased
  • Monster Bowl was a success (over 100 people, $500 fundraised).
  • “Spirit Fridays” begins in December for 1 Friday every month (3rd Friday most months). Will be published on Ivy Calendar. Will be announced in the December Newsletter.
  • No parent night out in Dec
  • January- Ivy Roller Skating party Jan 24, 1-5pm,
  • Feb- Family movie night, Feb 19
  • March- no event
  • April- Game Night
  • May- Testing Kick-Off Breakfast for 3rd grade
  • events will be published in the Ivy Newsletter

            Outdoors Committee

  • Nothing to report


Leadership update

  • Anne and Karie attended Educational Equity training
  • Liz and Amy will go in February 2016
  • Ivy will be co-constructing an equity statement soon
  • Right brain initiative (Arts) has started – focus is infusing art throughout the curriculum.
  • SCRIP has started
  • Robyn has been hired as Development Coordinator
  • Legislative Session preparation to begin in next few months- will be announced in Newsletters
  • Student Achievement Data shared (not yet final data)
  • Thoughts on Ivy School Board Fundraising: planning organized appeal for monthly capital donations, Scrip opportunities, consider restaurant takeovers and other ideas. Considering auctions.


  • Approve new mission statement
  • Lice kits (magnifying glass, nit comb) for each campus
  • Update on Hello Flo kits

Next Meeting

Next General PTA meeting will be Wednesday, Dec 9 at 6:30 pm at the Morris campus.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.