Winter Enrichment Classes

Winter Enrichment Catalogs went home with your child on Friday and will be due back the first day of school.  We hope you have fun looking through our Enrichment offerings over the Winter Break!  If you did not receive a catalog, please contact Ellen and she will send one to you.

Prescott Work Party

The Prescott Campus will be hosting a work party on Monday, December 29th, at 10am.  We will be setting up a school library in the Computer Lab and moving shelves to create an art storage/workspace in the AfterCare Hallway.  This is an exciting opportunity to tidy up our campus before our State Board visit and to build an amazing Media Center for our students!  Kids are welcome.

Many Wonderful Gifts Received!!!

Thank you, Ivy Families, for your generous donations to the Ivy Holiday Gift Drive!  Because of your generous donations, our school community is able to contribute many warm and special gifts to our community partners with families that are less fortunate this holiday season.  A special thank you to Cassondra for organizing and leading the distribution.


Winter Concert Sings 

The Ivy School Winter Concert showcased the musical growth of all of our students in the lower and upper el.  We are so gifted to have the talents and passion of Jon Crever and his dedication to the musical exploration of our students was truly apparent during the Winter Concert. Thank you to all of our brave students who shared songs, dances, solos, and instrument play.  And, a giant thank you, to all who came out to support our students.  It was truly a great way to kick-off our winter break!

Ivy Shamrock Run Team!!!

The Ivy School has a Shamrock Run Team for 2015!  If you’re interested in joining, please register for team #2585 at

We need at least 15 adults (anyone 13+ years) to sign up, so invite friends, family, and neighbors to run along.  Team members can choose any event from the line up: 5k, 8k, 15k, or Half Marathon.  Kids are welcome to run, too!  Race day is Sunday, March 15, 2015.

Register by January 15th to pay the discounted fee. If you miss the discount deadline you can still register untilJanuary 31st at the full price.  The race packets will be shipped to the Prescott Campus mid-February.

We hope to see you out there!

A Note From Rebecca Keith

A few parents have recently asked me what they could do to support their children’s learning at home, so I thought it would be valuable to address this question in the newsletter this week.  First of all, we all need to really be there for our children when we are together.  That means turn off your devices! Many studies (,, show that children feel neglected when their parents are preoccupied by their technology.  We all need to be present for our children.

That being said, in Montessori, our watchword is “follow the child”, so the most important thing you can do is follow your children’s interests, whatever they may be, and help your children develop the skills they need to truly explore and investigate an area of focus.  Be it rocks or insects, tae kwon do or soccer, piano or sewing; if your child shows an interest in something, help them fully pursue it.  Show them how to do research to find out more about it, discover experts in the community to talk to, find opportunities to meet with others who have the same interests.

In order to fully explore anything, it really helps to be able to read, so focusing on reading is also paramount.  Read in front of your children (rather than using your phone), so they see how much you enjoy that activity.  Go to the library and/or the book store regularly and let your children pick out books to read. Read to and with your child daily; have your child read to you.  For beginning readers, alternating who reads, first words, then sentences, paragraphs, and finally pages, will make it less tedious and more fun.  Writing goes hand in hand with reading, so it also helps to write in front of your children and encourage them to write as well.  Write notes, lists, cards, poems, and stories; try a persuasive paragraph, they might want to convince you of something!

I hope these suggestions are helpful!

Happy Holidays and A Fantastic New Year

We wish each of you a fantastic and connective Winter Break.  May you find much joy in the celebrations of the season.  We will not be putting out a newsletter on December 29th, so we, too, can take time to enjoy our friends and families.  Watch your inbox for your next Ivy Newsletter on January 5th.

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of Responsibility and the wings of Independence.”
~Maria Montessori~