The Ivy School
4212 NE Prescott St
Board of Directors—Regular Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2015
Board Members Present: Billy Ladd, Johanna Keith, Lisa Larpenteur, Amie Robar
Chally, Karilyn Wax
Administration Present: Karie Breyne, Rebecca Keith, Anne O’Neal, Amy Stuhr
Others Present: Leah Maurer, Felicity Powers, Betty Skundrick, Laura Jeness
6:05pm: Meeting called to order.
6:05pm: Johanna Keith moves to accept November, 2014 board meeting minutes. Amie
Robar Chally seconds, all members in favor, motion carries, minutes accepted.
6:07pm: Treasurer’s Report: Lisa Larpenteur reviewed the budget to-date. Lisa will be
reworking the budget with Karie Breyne and plans to have the revised budget to vote on
at the February board meeting.
6:12pm: Arts Tax update given by PTA Vice President, Leah Maurer. An Ivy parent who
is also an attorney drafted a letter that will be sent Tuesday, January 27, to Charlie Hales’
office and to the city council members requesting that the distribution of arts tax funds to
Ivy be reinstated. Along with the letter, the PTA gathered 180 signatures from parents,
board members and students that will also be delivered. The letter will also be going to
three media outlets.
6:17 Discussed scheduling classroom observations. Amie Robar Chally will schedule
board members’ observations at both campuses with Amy Stuhr and Anne O’Neal. Amy
will share forms to be used during the observations with the board. It was discussed that
classroom observations make for a more informed board and that in the future it would be
beneficial to conduct multiple observations throughout the year. The teachers present at
the meeting welcomed the opportunity for the board to observe the classrooms and felt it
would help the board understand what their experience was like.
6:32pm: Discussed establishing a goal setting committee and teacher retention
committee. Amie will help establish these committees.
6:37pm: Karilyn Wax suggested we look at sending a couple of teachers to a Restorative
Justice Conference. It was also suggested that we bring someone in to Ivy to work with
all of the teachers.
:41pm: Outreach update given by Billy Ladd. Billy held an outreach session at Charles
Jordan Community Center last month. Rebecca Keith suggested we begin to hold
sessions at Head Starts.
6:47pm: Renewal Wrap-up. We have had very positive meetings with Kate Pattison from
ODE. The main concern was our test scores and achievement gap. Kate highly
recommended that Ivy’s charter be renewed. ODE will vote on the renewal on March 5.
7:56pm Comments from Observers: Felicity Powers expressed four concerns from the
Middle School: space, teacher retention, empowering teachers to be leaders and defining
program goals for the middle school. Felicity and the other teachers present felt that
immediate feedback after the board classroom observations would be very helpful. The
board expressed their gratitude for the teachers and will address these concerns.
Betty Skundrick expressed that clarity of leadership is important and that we need to have
someone leading who can meet Montessori needs and has the ability to work with the
state. The board stated that the staff will be involved in the process of hiring a new
7:23pm: Mary Zigman’s contract expires at the end of January. Ivy will open the Director
7:39pm: Executive Session was entered pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(b) to discuss
personnel issues and concerns.
8:20pm: Meeting adjourned