One Campus for Ivy Capital Campaign Cash Drive

Help secure Ivy’s future, starting today.

Ivy has purchased a school building!!  In May 2019, Ivy kicked off our Capital Campaign in order to secure funds to purchase the Interstate building.  We were able to successfully raise $250,000 in five short months. We have moved into our new building, but we still have some distance to go in order to reach our goal of $500,000

After 10 years, and serving hundreds of students, our community came together at One Campus at 5420 N.Interstate. Being together in one school means we can expand our curriculum and further develop our Ivy Montessori Learning Community.

Historically, our goal to become an even better public Montessori School with more learning resources has been limited by transferring students between two campuses every three years, managing two separate buildings, housing a Middle School in two classrooms, and having very limited space to expand our offerings. Over the years, we have looked at every possible building for sale, and even explored adding onto the Prescott campus. Our efforts have come up short until now.


  • Want more art offerings for the kids? North Interstate has an art room!
  • Looking for a common learning space for books and research materials? North Interstate has a library!
  • Desire a dedicated space for the After Care program, and more enrichment? The Interstate building has that too!
  • Should we expand into early education? There’s room for a Montessori Children’s House!
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have school space for community gatherings, performances, physical education and more? North Interstate has a MultiPurpose Room!
  • Should we hold an annual school gathering outside? North Interstate has a ton of outdoor space!

The Ivy Board and the PTA have heard from parents and staff repeatedly that the current facilities are the limiting factor in  their satisfaction with the school. We get to fix that! With One Campus, we pooled our monetary and volunteer resources into one community at one school.


Here’s how you can participate in further fundraising:

  1. You, and your friends and family can donate at
  2. Help us make connections with large dollar donors who may be interested in donating to Ivy. Send your connections to We will have an online talking points document to help you with making your case.
  3. Ask your friends and family to donate to the Ivy School Give Lively
  4. Set up your own Give Lively crowdfunding campaign that supports the big one. See our Ivy Personal Give Lively instructions.
  5. Find out if your company sponsors a donation match program and maximize your donation to a level that works for you.
  6. Ask your kids what they want to do to raise money – bake and sell pies to the neighbors, make a coloring book and sell it at a lemonade stand, set up a collection station for cans and bottles at your house, …
  7. Do some of your own grassroots fundraising. See our Ivy Fundraisers Toolkit for ideas on  how a little bit of money from many places can add up to a lot. Available on Ivy website very soon.
  8. Join our fundraising committee by sending a message to We need creative people, bold people, connectors and event coordinators.
  9. Become a Fundraising Activator for your classroom, take a leadership role in making sure that everyone from your class has a chance to donate. Send a message to Carrie Weninger (

$500,000 may seem like a daunting number, but let’s break it down:

  • $500,000 / 225 families = $2,222 from each family.
  • A social network of 300-1000 people (common for most people) = $7-$2 donation from each person you know.
  • $7 is a cup of coffee and a scone. EASY!
  • $500,000 is 5000 $100 donations.

We need your commitment to help Ivy reach 100% participation in this effort. 100% participation means that in the future we will be  eligible for foundation grant funds. This is very important to expanding our academic and enrichment offerings. This is one of those times when we all need to band together and dig deep, in order to attain this goal. You may  have to step outside your comfort zone, but, we can do it!

Please do everything you can to make the North Interstate Building our new home! Time is of the essence.

Thank you.

Nikki Jones, Spencer Crandall
One Campus for Ivy Co-Chairs

Ana Helena Decastro
PTA Co-Chair

PS. Ivy donations are tax deductible due to our non-profit status. Our Tax ID # is 20-4681686