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PTA | The Ivy School




 Our mission is to: 

  • Promote the partnership between parents, teachers and the school community in supporting the mission of The Ivy School.
  • Create a rich Ivy School community that encourages involvement and volunteerism.
  • Advocate for an exceptional, well-rounded educational experience for our children and unite in the effort to help all students reach their full potential.
  • Provide a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.

The 2016-2017 PTA calendar can be downloaded here. We are working to get it integrated with the school calendar, so please stay tuned.

Click here for an application!


This year we have a great group of folks to lead the PTA. If you see any of these rock-star parents at school, be sure to extend your gratitude and support!

2016/2017 PTA Council + Committee Leads

President – Leah Maurer

Treasurer – Caitlyn Howell

Secretary – Laura Sciortino

Spirit Chairs – Anna Doogan & Kelly Jeske

Room Parent Co-Coordinators – Resa Gutierrez-Tufts & Christine Steele

Outdoors Committee – Joy Rothschild & Julianne Baxter

Ivy PTA (Parent Teacher Association) We need you!

There are two types of positions: Council members (Pres, Vice Pres, Treasurer, Secretary) and Committee chairs (Spirit, Outdoors, Fundraising, Room Parent Coordinator). Council positions meet monthly to guide the Ivy PTA;  Committee chairs are year-long roles but do NOT have to attend the monthly council meetings. Any positions can be made into co-positions, so you and a friend can share the responsibilities.

Elections for council positions generally take place in June. 

Please note:  the PTA is distinct from the Ivy Board.  You can find the Board webpage at https://www.theivyschool.org/about-ivy/our-board/.  

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for either a council position or committee chair or if you have any questions about any of the positions, please contact any current PTA council member.  Thank you! 2015-2016 Ivy PTA council president Leah (duhunna@gmail dot com). 



Lead the PTA Hours: 2 – 6 hours per week (depending on what events are happening that week) Typical Week: Check and respond daily to emails, prepare for monthly meetings, submit content for school newsletter, motivate council members, manage timelines, strategize and implement improvements.

Vice President (OPEN)

Assist the President in leading the PTA Hours: 1 – 3 hours per week Typical Week: Check and respond to emails, help move various PTA initiatives forward, motivate council members and assist President as needed.


Manage the PTA funds Hours: 1 – 3 hours per week Typical Week: Maintain PTA budget, collect and disburse funds, and complete PTA reporting paperwork.


Provide administrative support to the PTA Hours: about 3 hours per month Typical Week: Document and publish meeting minutes, upload content to PTA web site, and coordinate logistics for monthly PTA meetings.

COMMITTEE CHAIRS (the more parents on each committee, the better!)

Fundraising Chair (OPEN)  Raise money for Ivy Hours: Average 6 hours per month. Typical Week: Coordinate and advertise fundraising efforts (through newsletter and print), solicit and motivate volunteers, and strategize ways to improve fundraising. Historical fundraising events: Chinook Book selling, Read-n-Write-athon.

School Spirit Coordinator (OPEN) Grow Ivy school spirit and community! Hours: 3 – 6 hours per month Typical week: Plan and oversee community events, advertise activities through newsletter and print, coordinate and motivate volunteers, and help with events as needed.

Room Parent Coordinator (OPEN) Make sure teachers have the support they need. Hours: 1 – 6 hours per month Typical Week: Solicit and coordinate volunteers, oversee room parents, communicate with teachers and plan teacher appreciation activities. 

Outdoors Committee Coordinator (OPEN) Supports the outdoors programs and environments at the Ivy School.  Hours: 1-6 hours per month but can be more in the spring.  Typical Week: This varies season to season but can include – planning and overseeing work parties, support the Garden Program Educator and Dig-It Outdoor Education program in various ways at the Morris campus, run the gardening program at the Prescott campus and organize additional outdoors projects.


A budget is allotted for each committee.

The Ivy PTA (Parent & Teacher) Association is a 501C Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to serve as a bridge between parents, teachers, and administrators at The Ivy School and to provide financial and volunteer support for the school community. As members of the national PTA, The Ivy PTA is restricted in how we support the school.  The PTA may support: community events, field trips, student enrichment, school beautification, classroom materials and volunteer events.  The PTA may not support salaries, financial investments on behalf of the school, or facility rent, mortgage, utilities, or maintenance.

The Ivy School PTA raises approximately $20,000 each year which is in a separate bank account managed by the PTA.  PTA members vote on how to allocate those funds.  Examples of the PTA’s fundraising events include: Chinook Books, Monster Bowl, Read and Write-a-thon, and a Spring raffle.  The PTA also organizes community-building events, such as the whole family campout.  PTA meetings are open to anyone who would like to learn more about their activities.