Ivy Council PTA meeting    8/20/15

Attendees: Jenny (Secretary); Beth (Co-Pres), Leah (Co-Pres) Caitlyn (Treasurer), JacQlyn (co-fundraising rep), Laura (co-fundraising rep), Stephen (parent), Muriah (Outdoors rep), Becky (Outdoors rep), Anna (new room parent coordinator)


  • Discussed some lapses in communication between Ivy staff and parents. For example: late, abrupt notice of teachers’ leaving, early Sept events not publicized in late August newsletter. Staff previously endorsed needing improved communication with parents. PTA FEELS STRONGLY THAT WE NEED NEWSLETTERS MORE FREQUENTLY THAN MONTHLY. WOULD PREFER WEEKLY.
  • PTA will attempt to coordinate having a table at the ice cream social. Leah will have applications and volunteer forms for joining PTA at this table.
  • An Admin member will be at every PTA meeting hereforth
  • Co-Presidents will meet quarterly with Leadership team.
  • New officers need to be recorded with the state (Leah)

Treasurer Update(s)

  • Caitlyn will continue to provide an Excel spreadsheet at each meeting… but will also have a simplified (easy to interpret), large version to share
  • Current status: The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $13,832 at the end of the last school year, and noted that the PTA raised $18,650 from fund raising events alone.
  • Fundraising Reps & Treasurer to meet with Board to discuss Fundraising (date TBA)
  • Deadlines for budget, training, renewals
    • 2015-2016 Budget Process. Caitlyn to help committee chairs devise estimated costs for ’15-’16 activities in September, with a preliminary budget available in late September, to be voted on at the October PTA meeting.  Approved budget must be submitted in November to the Oregon PTA.
  • Money tracking sheets for Event & Membership drives
    • For events: Will need to consistently use the “Ivy school PTA activity income reporting form”
    • If PTA members need reimbursement for PTA-related expenses, fill out the “The Ivy PTA Check Request Form”


As mentioned above, Fundraising Reps & Treasurer will be meeting with Board to discuss Fundraising (date TBA)

Fundraising Events (Leah provided handout)

  • Chinook Book Sales (9/18 kick off)
  • Monster Bowling (10/24)
  • Read-a-thon (10/26 kick-off)
  • Spring raffle (4/4 kick-off)


PTA position update(s)

  • VP position remains vacant

PTA calendar discussion (Leah provided handout to us; also emailed to Ivy community)

  • Low attendance at morning coffee events last year – will discontinue these
  • 2015-2016 PTA meetings: 9/16 (Prescott), 10/14 (Morris), 11/18 (Prescott), 12/9 (Morris), 1/13 (Prescott), 2/10 (Morris), 3/9 (Prescott), 4/13 (Morris), 5/11 (Prescott), 6/8 (Prescott)
  • Post PTA Minutes on Google Group within ~2 weeks after meeting
  • Need childcare for the PTA meetings this coming year—recruit 6-8th graders? Jenny will solicit from Google Group.

Discussed creating classroom art projects for the Art Week Auction (brought up by JacQie per Rebecca G)

Spirit Events

  • Parent night out (TBD), Monster Bowling (10/24), Read-a-thon (10/26 kick-off) Roller Skating Social (January TBD), Spring raffle (4/4 kick-off), Game night (4/28), May Day Celebration & Testing kick-off (5/2)
  • Instead of Spirit Week in spring again, we will spread it out over Fridays (as it was a bit disruptive last year)
  • Oxbow Campout
    • Raquelle to handle food
    • $300 allotted to food (see June 2015 PTA Minutes)
  • Geercrest
    • Beth will work with leadership to figure out how to afford for UE classes

Campus Work Days

  • Beth will work with Liz to promote possibly on the Google Group and Facebook

Outdoors Committee

  • Did a great job with the playground equipment
  • Shared Matt’s incredible plans for next year
    • Will send out request for volunteers via Google Groups
  • Brought up some low budget projects
    • Extra support for Matt
    • Outdoor tables
    • Possible after school camp to build and care for
  • Muriah and Becky will work on tighter budget
  • Will open discussion with Board regarding lot by Prescott
  • Will look into providing funding for May Day celebration to kick off testing

Room Parent

  • Will look into funding (as by prior years)
  • Help define roles with teachers
  • First Friday meetings

Next meeting 9/16 6-6:30pm Council; 6:30-7:30pm General Meeting @ Prescott