Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2015

Council & Committee Chairs Present:

Beth, Leah, Rebecca, Muriah, Colleen, JacQueline, Amy and Becky,


Tracey, Mary, Kevin, Scarlett, Steven, Joel


Beth welcomed parents and everyone introduced themselves.

Approve December 3rd general meeting minutes

The December 3, 2014 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.

Treasure’s report 

There was no report this month.

Outdoors committee report – Outdoor-presentation of play structures and voting

Muriah and Becky, Co-chairs, reviewed history of the PTA using the fundraising money to purchase a play structure for Prescott. They have been working with an installer to research and gather information on costs. With our current budget of $8,000 they presented their two best options. Ivy Admin has approved both options and both can have additional pieces added on at a later time. The first option is a $7,000 net climber and a spinner piece. The second option is $6,000 structure and log roll with less opportunity for climbing. Photos and placement maps were circulated for both (see attached). It was noted that there is a ten-year warrantee on the first option and the ropes can be tightened or replaced if they wear out. Timeline for either installation would be around spring break. There was discussion.

  • Leah called for a vote for first option – there was unanimous approval of the first option.
  • Leah called for a vote for second option – there were no votes for the second option.
  • Muriah moved, that the Ivy PTA approve option number one as the equipment to purchase. It was seconded and passed unanimously.


Spirit committee report

Leah reported the Ivy ice-skating party will be on January 16 at 6 pm at the Lloyd Center ice rink. It is a good opportunity for PTA members to talk with parents about how to get involved. There were some volunteers to help.


Leah reported that Heidi priced bumper stickers with Ivy logo and provided quotes. Steven noted he could get them printed cheaper. General consensus is to wait and see the quality first.


Leah reported that many parents are not coming to the PTA recap coffee hours. Erica would like to have the meetings be more social and less often. The topic was tabled until the next meeting.


Leah reported that the Parents night out was a success and we want to do another this spring but we need more parent volunteers. It was suggested that we raise the price and offer volunteers to get in free for the next one. The topic was tabled for the next meeting to discuss with committee chairs. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact Leah.


The group talked about having each Friday be spirit day and students wear Ivy tee shirts or school colors. It was agreed that this was a good idea, to put the message out and have teachers mention it in newsletters.


Room Parent

Leah reviewed that we need help from parents if we want to hold the raffle fundraiser. Colleen agreed to send out information and content to room parents. The room parents would then pass it along to parents. It was noted that this year the PTA is also organizing the field day and this would be a good conduit.



Beth announced that we are seeking donations for raffle prizes the spring raffle fundraiser. Volunteers are needed too. The details of the raffle were reviewed and it was noted that there is a lot of record keeping for this fundraiser.


Arts Tax

Beth reviewed the art tax issue and reported that Ivy does not qualify to receive the $17,000 in funds that PPS-affiliated schools receive because we are a State charter school. Leah reviewed what is happening and why. Parent Rob Coleman, who is an attorney, drafted a letter that is being reviewed. SW charter school is going to use same letter. It is important that we approach this effort as a united unit. The letter will be sent to the city council and officials as soon as it is signed.


Technology Needs:

Steven brought the list of technology needs:

  1. 3 packs of wireless access points $380 (6 access points)
  2. 3 duplex network printers
  3. 1 printer with scanner for Morris
  4. 3 chrome books for Morris


He is working with a teacher from each campus and an Ivy admin person on this effort.


Next Meeting

Next General meeting will be Wednesday, February 4, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Morris campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 PM.