Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2015

Council & Committee Chairs Present: Beth, Leah, Rebecca, Muriah, Colleen, JacQueline, Erica, Becky

Parents: Scarlett, Caitlin, Jenny, Laura, Keri

Board: Amie

Student Rep: Sophia



Beth welcomed parents and everyone introduced themselves.


Approve April 1st general meeting minutes

The April 1st, 2015 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report 

Beth reported that the treasurer’s report is available and complete. It shows activity through April 10th and we are on track with spending. The reports were distributed.


Vote in 2015-2016 Council Nominations

Beth reviewed the elections procedure that we will just vote on the officer positions as the committee chairs are appointed by the Council.


Beth presented the slate:

Co-President – Beth & Leah

Vice President – TBD

Treasurer – Caitlyn Howell

Secretary – Jenny Bevacqua


It was noted that the following individuals have volunteered for committee chairs:

School Spirit – Erika Benjamin & Heidi Owen

Fundraising – JaQueline Sanchez & Laura Sciortino

Room parent coordinator – Anna Doogan

Outdoors – Muriah Gerard & Becky Lungren


All officers were unanimously voted in.


Board member report

Amie C introduced herself and said that the board is looking for more help, through the PTA, to help recruit volunteers for the board’s Outreach Committee. There are two board members currently helping with it now and they are looking for more parent and student support. She noted it is import ant as Ivy needs to increase our diversity in the student body.


Amie then answered questions about upcoming changes due to our growing student population and facilities.

Amie reviewed the history and noted that we have outgrown our current space. Most viable option will be to keep 4th, 5th and 6th at Morris and move the middle school to Prescott. The four lower el grade classrooms will be expanded. The middle school students will be in Betty’s room plus the computer room. Aftercare will held in a classroom. The drop off times for lower el and middle school children have not been determined yet for parents who have lower el and middle school children at Prescott next year. There was a question about adding toilets and the permits we get will cover the increase in student numbers. There was a question about summer camps and Amie responded that it hasn’t been decided but Morris still has four rooms to use. There was a question about the outdoor program at Morris and how to connect it with the middle school students. It was suggested that the school get a bus for Ivy to use for going-outs and field trips. There was consensus that parents would like communication through all-school emails like the last one that was sent out.


Teacher appreciation week/teacher luncheon

Colleen reported that it is going well and both campuses are getting a lot of attention. We have $340 budgeted for the staff luncheon and $250 for teacher appreciation. Colleen will handle the New Seasons lunch order. Colleen is looking for more coffee, tea, protein bars, etc for the Prescott staff room and more coffee for the Morris staff room.


Discuss revising Ivy PTA Mission statement

Leah reported on the history and explained that the Ivy school and PTA missions needs to be aligned. The revised PTA mission statement was circulated. The final version will be presented at the June meeting.

Committee Reports


Fundraising Committee – Spring Raffle

Leah reported that Raffle net was just over $4,400.  The funds will be used for Montessori classroom materials.

Leah moved to approve the $4,400 raffle funds go towards Montessori classroom materials. Motion was unanimously approved.


Outdoors Committee Report

Becky reported that we are still waiting for the free shipment of bark chips. The recent work party got a bit rained out at Prescott but some clean-up got done. They are now hanging the teacher appreciation flower baskets. Muriah reported that the Back to School Work party at Prescott will happen again and will depend on construction. Beth asked the committee chairs to make an estimated committee budget to be added to the PTA budget.


Spirit Committee

Erica talked about the all school camp out in the fall; she will write a blurb for the newsletter. Erica asked for more help on this committee.


New Business

Next General meeting will be Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Morris campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.