Ivy School Parent Teacher Association General Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2015


Council & Committee Chairs Present:

Beth, Leah, Rebecca, Muriah, Anna, Erica, Heidi, JacQueline, Caitlin, Laura, Becky



Liz Caravaca



Beth welcomed everyone.



Beth Invited parents to join the PTA and explained that funds raised are used to support the school. PTA membership costs $12 per person per year. Ivy parent Anna Lawler suggested that the PTA increase communication around renewing membership.


Motion to approve 2015-2016 PTA Calendar

Beth talked about the drafted PTA calendar and it was circulated. Edits include discontinuation of Coffee Recaps. The 2015-2016 PTA Calendar was approved unanimously with edits (as aforementioned) and some TBD dates.


Approve June 3rd general meeting minutes

The June 3rd, 2015 general meeting minutes were approved as drafted.


Treasure’s report 

Caitlin explained her role and responsibilities. She reported that the new budget will be reviewed and approved at the October meeting. Caitlin reported the PTA is starting with $9,500 in the bank. She also reported that last May the PTA raised $4,400 in the raffle fundraiser. As approved, these find have been spend on hands-on Montessori classroom materials for the school.


Invite to Join PTA Committees

Beth and Leah explained the needs of the different committees and circulated a sign up sheet.


Approve new Mission Statement

There was agreement that the new Mission Statement would be approved at the October PTA meeting.

Committee Reports


   Room Parents

Chair Anna explained that this year we have two room parents for each room. One to focus on on-going classroom needs and one to focus on social event planning. There is still a need for one room parent in UE6, UE8 and in the middle school.


   Fundraising Committee – Chinook Book

Chair JacQueline reported that the PTA is hosting three major events this year: Chinook Book, Read/write-a-thon, and the Spring Raffle.

She announced that Chinook Book fundraiser envelopes will go home with children this Friday. Ivy gets 50% of proceeds and last year we raised $2,900. This year’s goal is $3,500. JacQueline suggested that we get more middle school participation this year. Sophia, PTA student rep, asked what would be involved in having more middle schoolers involved. Asking for volunteers would be a good start and Sophia offered to talk to the middle school teachers about it. A parent suggested designating a monetary sum to replace fundraising donations. It was clarified that Ivy school fundraising is separate from the PTA fundraising. Laura noted that there is a lot of excitement for raising funds and building community.

   Spirit Committee

Co-chairs Heidi and Erica reminded everyone of the All School Camp Out on October 9-10 at Oxbow Park. Erica explained details about the event. Flyers will also go home with children. If parents need financial help they should work with Karie. Erica noted that she is stepping down as Spirit Co-chair and encouraged parents to join the committee and support Ivy spirit! It was noted that in November the PTA will discuss next year’s date for this event.


Heidi also announced the other events coming up. The Monster Bowling social/fundraiser event at Grand Central Bowl is on October 24th. Also there may be a Parents Night out in December (TBD).


   Outdoors Committee

Co-Chairs Becky and Muriah reported that Ivy parent Sue Rideout will be building a volunteer base for Morris from 1:15-2:00 to support Matt’s outdoor classroom curriculum. Becky reported that there was an August work party and they moved 18 yards of mulch. They talked about Fall projects including more on-going gardening projects at Prescott.

There is support for middle schoolers to learn carpentry skills and complete projects around Prescott. She described some projects that they would complete.


A parent asked if the school can submit grants to get funds to develop beds in the lot across the street from Prescott. Muriah said that this would be a very big project and other projects have taken focus. Before moving forward, she said that more needs to be learned about the site and thoughts from the Ivy admin team.


Leadership update

Liz Caravaca, Ivy’s principle, introduced herself and talked about the community.

Safety and security has been a focus this year for the school and the Board. This includes building security and family friendliness, especially at Morris. She noted we have a lot of current security measures in place now.

Facilities – We are having HVAC system issues at Prescott and it is being worked on.

Community Support – Leadership team is placing themselves at both campuses to best serve students and the community.

Communications – Leadership team is sending teachers written updates to be included in weekly classroom newsletters, plus there will be a monthly all-school newsletter for more all-school issues. There will be a PTA and Board section in the monthly newsletters. Teachers also receive a newsletter from Leadership each week to build communication and school unity. Liz talked about the professional development highlights with Ivy staff.

Art Tax – Ivy will get the Art Tax money but we do not know when. Ivy is partnering with Right Brain Initiative to bring in artists and art education.


It was suggested in the next all-school newsletter to include roles of admin team, systems and how to communicate with the Leadership team.


Next Meeting

Next General PTA meeting will be Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Morris campus.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 PM.