3 Days Left Until Raffle Drawing!

Thank you so much for your participation in the PTA spring raffle fundraiser this year!  Many ticket stubs have already been coming in, and we are so excited to see how much money we are able to raise to improve our Ivy classrooms!  Keep ‘em coming! The deadline for raffle tickets and payment is Tuesday, April 21st.  Who will win the Macbook Pro laptop, the iPad mini, and the Kindle Paperwhite? Come and find out! The drawing will be held at our Family Game Night on Thursday, April 23rd  (see below). Please return all unsold tickets to school as well!  If you need more tickets, there are some for check out in each office.  If you have any questions regarding the raffle please contact Leah Maurer.

Family Game Night & Raffle Drawing!

The Family Game Night is a school wide event that is not to be missed, and all Ivy families are welcome!!!  This fun event goes from 5:30-7pm and will be held at the Prescott campus.  We will have 2 food carts present this year: Ramy’s Lamb Shack, serving chicken and kafta gyros or kabobs, hummus and falafel plates AND Island Day Dream, serving Natural Shaved Ice.

PTA will have outdoor games available in the front parking lot and indoor games in the aftercare room.  We will have games that were there last year, but we would love it if families have some to lend to the event. Please contact Heidi Owen if you would like to help or have ideas for games.  Of course, we will have free play on the playground area (on our brand new awesome playground equipment!!).  We really hope to see everyone there!!

Reading Buddies

This week a handful of third graders were invited to read to preschool students. After recess we made the short walk over to Montessori of Alameda where we were warmly invited in by Ms. Rebecca (Zach’s mom!). Then the 3rd graders split into to groups and went to three different classrooms. Santi and Twylo sat on a mat and read to a few students, who were “intimidated at first” according to Santi but were still happy to have guests. Zoe and Ivy read in the next class and held the attention of many squirrelly preschoolers, they even read a book on Africa which the preschoolers are currently learning about. Teague was in a room with every child hanging on her every word. She read many books and the preschoolers were sad to see her go. As we walked back to Ivy the third graders were beaming! We are so happy to have this opportunity to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with Montessori of Alameda. We look forward to weekly trips with books in hand.

5 Camps in Need of Enrollment

Three summer camps have been cancelled due to zero enrollment: Sesison 5-Honey Heart Kids Yoga (4th-8th Grade), Session 6-Hiking and Nature Crafts, and Session 7- Jewelry Making. Five more camps are in danger of being cancelled due to low enrollment.  Scholarships are available and one to two more campers could save each of these camps from the chopping block. Remember that Ivy Summer Camps are open to the public, so if your student is signed up for one of the following camps, encourage their friends to sign up, too!

Session 3- Honey Heart Kids Yoga (1st-3rd grade)
Session 4- Rocket Camp (4th-8th grade)
Session 4-Drama Camp
Session 6- Carpentry Camp
Session 8- Outdoor Adventure Skills

Hello Ivy Grandparents!

One of our favorite Ivy grandparents, Cassondra Salazar is inviting you to meet and share ideas for starting a grandparent group at Ivy Morris Campus. If you are interested in participating, contact Cassondra.

Prescott Visits Morris

These Lower Elementary students visited the Morris campus last week for a composting tour! Prescott students were exited to visit the Outdoor Classroom and to make this important connection to the Morris Campus.  Jude, one of our composting committee members, is explaining our worm bin composting system and pointing out the red wiggler cocoons!

Spring Pullet Sale Coming Soon!

Aiyana and Avani, Morris Campus students, brought in 55 chicken eggs that are likely fertilized eggs from​ a friend’s farm.  As you can see there is a variety of eggs.  ANYONE interested in purchasing young pullets???!!!  We will have an end of the year pullets sale, be on the lookout for a Sign up Genius coming soon!!!!!

Middle School Bake Sale Wish List

The Middle School Bake Sale Team is preparing for the next bake sale (to take place on Friday, April 24th at 11:00am), and we’re asking for items from this list.  Any items you’d care to donate must be in unopened, unexpired packages.  There is a donation bin in the lobby of the Morris Campus as well as a money jar.  Thank you so much for your generosity!

peanut butter
cane sugar
rice krispies
fruity pebbles
bakers semi-sweet chocolate
marshmallow fluff
evaporated milk
baking powder
whole milk
cream cheese
powdered sugar
chocolate chips
heavy whipping cream
jumbo-sized marshmallows
cocoa powder
“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.”     
   ~Maria Montessori~