Charter Renewal Presentation

Join us on Wednesday, April 8th at 6:30pm in the Community Room at the Morris Campus for a viewing of the renewal presentation video and discussion of the charter renewal presentation video and discussion of the charter renewal process and what it means for Ivy’s future. Childcare will be provided. We hope to see you there.


Raffle Fundraiser kicks off TODAY!

It’s that time of year… the Ivy PTA Spring Raffle Fundraiser kicks off today! Our prizes this year are a MacBook Pro laptop computer, an iPad mini, and a Kindle Paperwhite!! All students will be sent home with an envelope with a sheet of instructions and 4 raffle tickets. The process is simple… 1) sell the tickets for $10/ticket, 2) turn in all ticket stubs and payment by April 21, 3) return any unsold tickets to the office.  Want to sell/buy more than 4? No problem!  You can get more tickets at each school’s office as well.  The raffle winners will be drawn at the PTA Family Game night on April 23rd at the Prescott campus.  All proceeds from the raffle will be used to improve Ivy classrooms and facilities and purchase new student/classroom materials! If you have any questions please contact Leah Mauer. Thanks!

Register for Summer Camps THIS WEEK!

Summer Camp Catalogs went home last week and there is one more week for early registration!  If parents do not sign up for classes before April 10th, the Summer Camp you wish to attend may be canceled!!

Do you want to sign up for Rocket Camp, LEGO Camp, or Little House on the Prairie Camp? Turn in your registration forms NOW!! We expect popular camps to fill quickly, so get your forms in soon.  A PDF version is posted to the website, or email Ellen for a copy. Camps are open to the community so tell your friends!


Playground Equipment has arrived!

A big thank you to parents and the PTA for fundraising, purchasing, and coordinating the installation of the new playground equipment at the Prescott Campus!  Our students are really enjoying the new additions.  It has been so fun to watch the kids exploring the new equipment.  


Anne O’Neal spoke with each class at the beginning of this week to talk about the new equipment and how to play safely at recess.  She reminded the students of our safe playground expectations and to be extra aware of our bodies and the new structures as we run through the playground.  Students came up with some great safety reminders that include keeping the bark chips under the structure to cushion falls and do not jump from the top of the climber.  These are great suggestions!


The playground is open to families after school until 3:00pm.  During that time parents are responsible for supervising their children.  Please observe the Ivy School Playground Expectations.  They are posted on the pillars on the playground for future reference.  Also, find them below: 

Ivy School Playground Expectations:


Be safe, fair, and caring.

Be courteous to our neighbors by keeping voices down and material on our side of the fence.

Use equipment for it’s intended purpose (jump ropes are for jumping).

No weapon/fighting play.

Sticks and rocks should stay on the ground.

Tag with one open hand on the shoulder.

Stay off the top of the regaining wall between the fences.

Slide sitting on bottom with feet first. One slider per slide.

One child on the spinner at a time using his/her own body to spin.

Do not sit on top of or below the climbing arch.


Bake Sale!

Eight weeks of continuous hard work finally paid off Friday, March 20th, when “The Ivy Baking Co.” raised and astounding $191.79. This money will go towards sustaining the program, including rent, ingredients, and all other costs that may come up. Emilia and Lily’s vision of a home economics class is close to coming true.  We have met with church leadership who have agreed to let us use the kitchen to prepare food for the next two bake sales in April and May.

We hope to see you at the next bake sale on April 24th, starting at 11:00.  We will have donation bins out and an ingredient list ready at the Morris campus in the lobby before the end of next week! We are so, so, so thankful to all the supportive Ivy families whose donations made this sale possible. Thanks Again!


What’s the Buzz?

The Ivy School will be helping out and hosting a booth at the Party for the Pollinators at Whole Foods Market Fremont on April 18th.  This is going to be a really fun and free community event where we will be helping to draw a crowd and create more pollinator habitat in our neighborhood. You can see the Facebook event link here or search @WholeFoodsPDX on social media look for #WFMFremont for this location. We hope to see you there!


Finlandia Foundation visits Ivy

Last Thursday afternoon, Ivy Morris Campus students were fortunate to have two classical musicians from the Finlandia Foundation visit to weave storytelling into beautiful live music (piano and cello!) together in a presentation of various works by Jean Sibelius.  In fact, the piano player was the great-great-granddaughter of Sibelius himself!! Be sure to ask your child about the experience.  

We are grateful the the Finlandia Foundation for offering this opportunity to our students for a small donation, as we do not have Arts Funding to support these events.  Amy Stuhr will be communicating with the Director of the Foundation to enhance our partnership for next year and beyond.  Here is a highly recommended YouTube video from these wonderful musicians.


ODE Satisfaction Survey

The Oregon Department of Education, in partnership with Education for the Future (EFF), has announced the release the 2015 Parent survey for Oregon State Sponsored Charter Schools. This annual survey has become a valuable source of information for schools, parents, and key stakeholders. The information gathered through questionnaires will be compiled in school-specific reports that can be used to help inform improvement plans and professional practices.  The surveys will be available until May 22nd.  Please take the parent survey here.


IvyCare Aids at Morris

We would like to welcome back, and thank Ms. Cossandra and Ms. Samoriea to the IvyCare program at Morris.  Ms. Cassondra is a familiar face to many Ivy families; she has filled many roles at Morris over the years from the lunch program to Office Assistant.  Ms. Cassondra has volunteered countless hours to our community and we are grateful that she will be helping out to ensure that we have adequate coverage on busy days in IvyCare.

Ms. Samoriea is a new face at Ivy. Ms. Samoriea is a Portland Community College student and has been volunteering at the Morris Campus for the last couple of months. We welcome her to our community and are excited to have her here with us at Ivy.

Both Ms. Cassondra and Ms. Samoriea will be working to support Ms. Sara on vairous days depending on need. Thank you for welcoming them into our community with warmth and grace.  As always, feel free to contact Amy Stuhr if you have questions.


Earth Day 42nd Avenue Cleanup-April 18

The Ivy PTA is partnering with SOLV to sponsor a super Ivy Earth Day event that will help beautify our Prescott campus neighborhood as well as connect with area businesses! Parents and students from both campuses will meet at Prescott in the morning and head out for a trash pickup on 42nd Avenue.  We will then head to Wilshire Park for a fun BYO picnic lunch, with a treat supplied by the PTA. Put it on your calendar and join us for the fun!


Students Inspire Peace!

Ms. Rebecca shared this wonderful video which shows Lower Elementary aged students talking about anger and how they have learned to deal with it.  It is an inspiring reminder to “Just Breath” is for big and small alike.  Take a look here.


“We discover that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being”     

  ~Maria Montessori~