Spirit Week!

Ivy School Spirit Week is March 16-20.  Each day of the week we’ll show our Ivy pride by dressing in weird and wacky ways!  We’ll also be collecting coins for the SMART reading program that helps kids preschool to 3rd grade get excited about reading. The class with the highest daily total gets to display their Spirit Week class colors in the campus lobby!

Monday, 3/16:  Crazy Clothing Mismatched Monday

Tuesday, 3/17:  Ivy Colors Day—wear your Ivy shirts or just dress in Ivy green and white!!

Wednesday, 3/18:  Class Colors Day: Dress in the colors of your class banner!

Thursday, 3/19:  Crazy Hair or Crazy Hat Day—one or both–you choose!

Friday, 3/20: Pajama Day

Montessori Education Week a Great Success

We want to say Thank You to all our Student Ambassadors for giving Montessori lessons to our community. And to all the parents and family who came to see the lessons and to watch our movie presentation: Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius.  The movie is now available in the Prescott office for families who wish to check it out.

Spring Enrichment

Spring Enrichment Catalog will go home with students by Monday.  If you have not already received one, ask your student about it this evening, extra copies are always available in the Lobby. The first day that we will be accepting Enrollment forms is Monday March 16th.  Classes are offered on a first come first served basis, and many classes will fill quickly.  Please remember that scholarships for Enrichment are always available on request.

LE1 President Reports

LE1 has been working very hard over the last several weeks to research and prepare reports on American Presidents.  Here are some great photos of their presentations last week!

Ivy School Contact Information

Several of you have requested some guidelines about who to contact in a variety of circumstances for a variety of reasons.  We hope the following helps!

Ellen at Prescott and Jillian at Morris are our Administrative Assistants.  They really do knowalmost everything, and you should feel free to contact them for any purpose; they will gladly provide you with the way to contact other faculty members as well.

Ellen’s phone at Prescott:       503 288-8820
Ellen’s email:                           ellen@theivyschool.com

Jillian’s phone at Morris:           503 288-8553
Jillian’s email                          jillian@theivyschool.com

Your child’s teachers are most familiar with what is happening academically, emotionally, and socially with your child in the classroom and on the playground.  They are responsible for educating and assessing your child.

All of the teachers can be reached by email at theirfirstname@theivyschool.com.

The Leadership Team is composed of Rebecca Keith, Karie Breyne, Anne O’Neal, and Amy Stuhr.

  1. Rebecca is Interim Head of School. She fills the role of a traditional principal in regard to supporting students, their families, and faculty.  She is also acting as educational director and will be glad to address any questions or concerns relating to the current educational program and to all things Montessori.
  2. Karie is the Business Manager of the School.  She can be contacted concerning financial issues like billing for aftercare or enrichment classes, budget information, etc.
  3. Anne is the Student Support Coordinator for the Prescott. She fulfills the role of a traditional vice principal or site supervisor.  She fields all the day to day situations that arise at the Prescott campus including but not limited to IEP meetings, student support, facilities support, emergencies, teacher support, etc.
  4. Amy is the Student Support Coordinator for the Morris campus. . She fulfills the role of a traditional vice principal or site supervisor.  She fields all the day to day situations that arise at the Prescott campus including but not limited to IEP meetings, student support, facilities support, emergencies, teacher support, etc.

Rebecca’s phone at Prescott:  503 288-8820
Rebecca’s phone at Morris:     503 288-8553
Rebecca’s email:                    rebeccakeith@theivyschool.com

Karie’s phone at Morris:         503 288-8553
Karie’s email:                         karie@theivyschool.com

Anne’s phone at Prescott:       503 288-8820
Anne’s email:                         anne@theivyschool.com

Amy’s phone at Morris:          503 288-8553
Amy’s email:                          amys@theivyschool.com

Kari Wax is the President of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is the governing body of the school.  They focus on strategic long term planning, fundraising, site search and management, etc.  as a more traditional school board does. They also oversee the leadership team.

Kari’s email:                            kariwax@the ivyschool.com

Because The Ivy School is a charter school overseen by the Oregon Department of Education, it is not a part of the Portland Public School System.  Our liaison with ODE is Kate Pattison.

Kate’s email:                           Kate.Pattison.ode.state.or

If a situation arises with your child that has to do with attendance or illness, please call Ellen or Jillian.  If you want to make an appointment with any of the members of the leadership team, please call Ellen or Jillian.

If a situation arises in your child’s classroom or the playground please contact your child’s teacher.  If you need more support, please contact the Student Support Coordinator at your campus.  If you need more support, please contact the Interim Head.  If you need more support, please contact the Board President.  If you need more support, please contact our state liaison.

UE5 Shows Our Friend Martin

Friday, UE5 had a very special Cultural Event.  A student elected to celebrate his birthday by showing the class the movie Our Friend Martin, a film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also invited a panel of speakers to discuss race, equality and inequality, and the good work of Dr. King. The video is available on YouTube and is highly recommended.  Watch it here and take this opportunity to discuss peaceful protest (sit-ins, boycotts, etc) with your student.

Trip to the Museum

We received some wonderful pictures of UE5’s recent trip to the Portland Art Museum to see their collection of Native American Art. They were even given the chance to view a piece of Modern Native Art painted by the great aunt of an Ivy student!

Ivy Plant Sale

The Morris Students build and arbor with plans for benches!

The students are also gearing up for what looks like a bountiful spring.  Be on the lookout for our IVY SCHOOL FIRST ANNUAL PLANT SALE Vegetable and Flower starts order forms! Pick on up in the Lobby of either the Prescott or the Morris campus.  THEY ARE DUE by MARCH 21st !!!!

“We especially need imagination in science.  It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry. “
~Maria Montessori~