Teachers appreciated!

To all who loved and cared for us and fed us and celebrated us, we would like to extend our gratitude. Thank you for the gifts of kind words, flowers, food, coffee, and hugs. We feel appreciated and cared for and are so thankful to all of our families for sharing in the joy and celebration of learning and growing together at The Ivy School.

Middle School Social Friday!

The Ivy Middle School is co-hosting their dance/fundraiser this Friday at Trillium Charter SchoolMay 15th from 6:30-9:30. Trillium Charter Middle School is co-hosting the event and donating their space.  The cost for admission is $3.00 and/or a donation and a portion of the proceeds will be given to Sisters of the Road Cafe.  Students are also collecting these items for Sisters of the Road: 
Shampoo (small)
Toothpaste (small or large)
Shaving cream
Wet wipes
First aid cream
Sanitary Products

If you have any questions or would like to help out as a chaperone, please contact Amy Stuhr or call the Morris Campus at 503-288-8553.

Graduation Ahead

Graduation is on it’s way!  The dates and times were recently posted on the online calendar. The Third Grade move up ceremony will be held at Field day on June 9th and Eighth Grade graduation will be held at 6pm on June 11th.  We hope to see you all there.

GeerCrest Farm Overnight
LE 1 had the opportunity to spend an overnight at GeerCrest Farm, just outside of Salem last Wednesday.  Highlights of the trip were milking the goats, feeding the chickens, cuddling “Flint” the lamb, planting and playing in the treehouse.  The trip was a huge success and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship with GeerCrest Farm in the future.

GeerCrest will be hosting their Annual Renuion and Hoedown this summer for anyone who is interested.  It is July 18th at 3pm.  $10 suggested donation per family and $20 per campsite.  For more information visitwww.GeerCrest.org.

Prescott Madrone Tree

If you’ve been on the playground this week, you may have noticed that the Madrone tree in the back corner has been damaged. Students peeled several feet of bark from the trunk of the tree during an after-school event. The damage goes all the way around the trunk, which is know as “girdling” the tree.  Because the bark carries the sap and nutrients to the leaves, it will likely die and have to be removed. Many students were upset by this news and you may want to take this opportunity to speak with them.